5 Likely Signs of A Seizure In A Baby

Seizures are common in babies. Babies have seizures which last anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Seizures are the result of the electrical activity in the brain, which malfunctions or gets disturbed.

When a baby suffers a seizure, he/she may exhibit some specific behavioral and physical changes.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, seizures in infants and babies are extremely different from that of children and adults. There are multiple factors which can trigger an episode of seizure in a baby.

These can include a serious head injury, high fever, poor oxygen intake or a previous history of epilepsy. Sometimes illnesses like meningitis or encephalitis can also activate a seizure episode in an infant.

Signs of A Seizure In A Baby

Most parents become terrified when they observe their babies becoming unresponsive during the course of a seizure attack. Many times, the parents are not even aware that their infant is actually having a seizure.

Parents, particularly first time parents, need to understand the signs of a seizure  in order to take adequate measure to comfort their infant. Some of the common signs of a seizure in a baby are explained below.


One of the first signs that your baby may be suffering from a seizure attack is when the infant becomes very silent or unresponsive. Not every episode of unresponsiveness in a baby can be attributed to a seizure.

But unresponsiveness, coupled with a blank empty look on the infants face could definitely be one of the first  warning signs that the infant is having a seizure.

Eye Deviations

Another sign that parents should watch out for, to determine whether their infant is suffering a seizure or not, , is to observe the baby’s eye movements. An infant who is suffering a seizure may blink repeatedly.

The eyeball also moves from side to side at a rapid pace. The infant may stare at one point for a long time as if he/she is in a daze. Sudden jerky motions followed by rapid or uncontrolled eye movement is a definite sign of a seizure in an infant.


Babies who are having a seizure twitch uncontrollably. These uncontrolled muscular spasms are one of the first signs which  a baby exhibits when he/she is having a seizure. If your baby is twitching uncontrollably place him/ her on a flat mattress on the ground and away from sharp objects to prevent injuries.

Mouth Deviations

When a baby is having a seizure the infant may repeatedly extend the tongue, may start drooling heavily, and may act as if  he/she is sucking or chewing on something. These specific mouth deviations may last  anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

If your baby is having a severe seizure attack, the lips and tongue begin to turn blue. In such an event take your baby to the nearest hospital, as the infant needs immediate medical attention.


In the event of a severe seizure the infant may lose consciousness completely. In such an event instead of panicking, the parents should gather their wits and take the infant to the nearest health center or hospital, as time is of  crucial importance.

Photo Credit: dcttbio.com