5 Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes You Can Try

Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

Indian vegeterian recipes are very delicious and also very famous. I have shared only 5 of of them. Hope you will enjoy them with your family.

Here Are The 5 Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes You Can Try

Kaaju Paneer Masala Recipes:

The first one is Kaaju Paneer Masala which is very tasty dish indeed and also very easy to cook. You will definitely like this delicious dish. This dish can be served with rice or paratha.


Paneer 150 gms, Cashew nuts(Kaaju) ½ cup, Onion 3(sliced), Tomatoes 3(chopped), Garlic 3 flakes(chopped), Ginger 1” piece(chopped), Watermelon seeds 3 tea spoon, Khus Khus 1 tea spoon, Milk ½ cup, Chili Powder ½ tea spoon, Turmeric powder ½ tea spoon, Garam Masala ½ tea spoon, Salt to taste, Refined Oil 2 table spoon, Coriander leaves ¼ cup(chopped),Boiled water.


How to make Garam Masala Powder?
Dry roast 2 cardamom, 1 cinnamon and 4 cloves in a tawa and grind it in to fine powder. Keep your garam masala powder in covered jar to retain its flavor.
Chop Paneer in cube of equal size. Heat oil in a nonstick pan. Fry the Paneer cubes till it turns golden. Remove the paneer from flame and add kaajus (cashews) in the same oil. Fry kaajus till golden brown and keep aside over a paper napkin. Deep fry the sliced onions until it turns brown. Cool the fried onions and grind into a paste.
Now boil chopped tomatoes, chopped garlic, chopped ginger with 1 cup water in a thick bottomed pan, till tomatoes are soft. Cool the whole mixture and then grind it in a puree. Soak watermelon seeds and khus khus for 10 min. Grind in to a smooth paste.
Heat two table spoon of oil and fry onion paste till it turns brown. Add chili powder, turmeric powder and khus-khus watermelon seed paste. Mix them well and stir it continuously or unless it will stick at bottom. Add tomato-ginger-garlic puree that made previously with this and cook till oil separates. Add the milk gradually and stir it constantly.
Cook the whole thing for 3-4 minutes. Add garam masala powder and salt in to it. Now mix enough hot water to get thick gravy. Boil and then simmer for 10-12 minutes. Add fried paneer and kaaju. Boil once more; simmer for 5 minutes till paneer is done. Garnish Kaaju Paneer Masala recipes with chopped coriander leaves and serve.

Kaju Paneer Masala Recipes

Pudina Paneer Recipes:

The second one is Pudina Paneer. The ingredients used in this recipe are very simple and the recipe is not so spicy. Pudina adds a twist in this recipe. You can serve this recipe with rice or paratha. You may use fresh mint leaves also if it is available.


Paneer 250 gms, Onion 3 sliced, Turmeric powder ½ tea spoon, Chili powder ½ tea spoon, Tomato 2 (make pulp from 1 tomato and slice the other), Dried pudina(mint leaves) ¼ cup, Garam masala ½ tea spoon, Refined oil 4 table spoon, salt to taste.


Heat refined oil in a nonstick pan and fry the sliced onions till it goes golden brown. Add ½ tea spoon of turmeric powder, 1/2 tea spoon of chili powder and salt according to taste. Now mix tomato pulp and cook till it goes dry. When the oil get separated from the spices add paneer cubes, 1/4 cup of dried pudina and remaining tomato pieces in to it. Cook for 5 minutes in medium flame. Add garam masala powder. Cook for 2 minutes and remove from fire. Serve hot with rice or paratha.

Pudina Paneer Recipes
Masala Bengan:

Masala Bengan is another great vegetarian dish from India which is made with eggplants.


Eggplant/brinjal 10 medium sized, Onion 5, Tomato 4, Garlic 8 cloves, Ginger 20 gm, Green chili 6 (chopped), Salt according to taste, Turmeric powder ½ tea spoon, Sunflower oil 200 gm, Coconut 25 gm (grated), Cashew nut 10(grinded in a smooth paste)


Cut the eggplants in 4 equal pieces. Make a paste with Onion, Garlic and Ginger in a grinder. Heat oil in a nonstick pan and add the chopped tomatoes. Now add the previously made onion paste and the chopped green chili. Sauté the spices till it are done. Add the pieces of eggplant and stir. Cover the pan and keep the flame low. When the eggplants are cooked add the grated coconut and the cashew paste. Stir for 2 minutes. Serve hot Masala Bengan with rice.

Masala Baingan

Dahi Kabab:

Dahi Kabab is also a lip smacking Indian vegetarian dish from India which is a very tasty dish indeed.


Refined Oil 100 gm, Gram flour 100 gm, Paneer/cottage cheese 50 gm(grated), Cheese 25 gm, Cashew nut 2 table spoon (chopped), Green chili 5 (chopped), Ginger 10 gm, Home made Curd /yoghurt 100 gm, Salt to taste, Garam Masala 5 gm.


First dry roast the gram flour. Heat oil in a pan and fry the chopped ginger and green chili. Mix grated paneer/cottage cheese with fried ginger and green chili. Add cheese, gram flour, curd and chopped cashew nuts with it. Make smooth and soft dough with it. Divide the dough in small pieces and wrap it in a grill stick/shik and tandoor it. Brush some oil over it if required. You can make the dish in microwave also.

Dahi Kabab

Tasty And Spicy Spinach

The last one is a traditional spinach recipe which is delicious and at the same time healthy also.

Ingredients :

Spinach 2 bunch (you may use frozen spinach for this purpose), 1″ cube of ginger (finely diced), Shukhno lonka (dry red chili), 3 Dash of Hing (Asafetida), Potatoes about 4 (medium-large ones), Kasoori Methi (Dried fenugreek leaves), Mouri/Saunf (Fennel seeds)Salt to taste.


Cut the potatoes into small pieces, and then either lightly boil them or microwave them for about 8 minutes. Heat oil, preferably in a non stick pan or kadhai. To the hot oil, add ginger, hing, and fennel seeds. Add the spinach, and fry on a high flame. After about 5 min of frying, add salt, the dried chilies, and the potatoes. Mix evenly, and add the kasoori methi – then fry for a few minutes. At this point, you might add a little water if you so desire. Serve hot and enjoy!!

Tasty and spicy spinach