5 Great Ways To Tie And Wear Your Scarf On Your Head

Today’s generation is that of fashion consciousness. Together with the awareness of wearing the right dress in the right occasion, we even know how to look perfect with the use of the right makeup and right accessories.

Tie And Wear Your Scarf

Men are also not left behind in the run for fashion consciousness. They seek professional help too, in order to look perfect in each and every occasion they attend.

Accessories play as vital a role as that of dresses in transforming an individual from an ordinarily dressed person to a fashion icon. There are several accessories that become a part of the individual in enhancing the mood of the event the person is about to attend or in creating a “copyright” style statement for the individual.

These accessories can be the shoes that they wear, the scarves they carry, the tie, the bangles, amulets or several other trinkets, the wallets they carry and even the tattoos they wear. Whenever we talk about tattoos, who can deny the tattooed arms of David Beckham that made him a style icon. You might not have an eye for something permanent. But can always experiment with accessories that are worn on different occasions, in different ways, to accentuate your look.

Today, we will talk about scarves and how can women use them as head accessories to become “diva” in moments. There is an advantage of using scarves as head accessories too. They protect the hair as well as the head from the harsh effects of weather too, like the snow or gushing wind and scorching heat.  Wearing scarves as head accessories does not mean that you can wear them shabbily. There has to be a style in it. Hence, for those stylish women out there, here are some ideas on how you can tie and wear your scarves on your head.

Idea no. 1: Wear Scarf as Bandana

For wearing a scarf as a bandana the best thing will be if you can arrange for a triangular or a square scarf. Place it straight on the ground and keep folding it flat and broad, from one side, till you fold the whole scarf in this manner.

Now, iron all over the folded scarf to set in the folds. Now, place the middle of the broad portion of the scarf just on top of your head and tie it tightly at the nape, below your hair.

Wear Scarf as Bandana

Expert Tip

Choose satin or silk scarves for this style, in asymmetric or bold floral designs to look best. The colors must be bright to accentuate your “rough” look.

satin or silk scarves

Idea no. 2: Wear Your Scarf As a Veil

The style that is being discussed now is very feminine. Choose a broad width, rectangular scarf to get your desired effect. Place the middle portion of your scarf right on top of your head as a veil.

Drag the two ends on either side of your head. Fold and pull the right end over the left one and place gently over your left shoulder. Now, attach a stone or jeweled broach on top of the overlapped portion. Set the veil with your hair by using hair clips.

Wear Your Scarf As a Veil

Expert Tip

You will look best if you go for natural fabrics like cotton, linen or silk for this style. Avoid using polyester material as you will feel hot and uncomfortable wrapping the scarf all over your head. For this style you are free to choose either plain or lightly designed floral scarves with smaller motifs.  You will look best if your scarf has heavy fringes or frills at the two ends with embroidery too.

wrapping the scarf

Idea no. 3: Wear Scarf as a Ladies’ Hat

For this style you need to get hold of broader and rectangular scarf.  Place it straight over your head, such that the middle part of the scarf in on top of your head. Now, drag the two ends of the scarf, taking it below your hair, at your nape. Tie a knot tightly under the hairs. Now take the loose ends on both your hands, bringing them again at the front of your head. Now, place one end over the other and pin them up. Adorn the overlapped part further by attaching a hair accessory onto it, such as a stone, jeweled hair broach etc. Finally, finish off by hiding any hair that is visible on your head, with the scarf, to give it a complete hat look.

Wear Scarf as a Ladies’ Hat

Expert Tip

This style gives freedom on the selection of the fabrics. But you must insist on plain, single colored scarf for this style, without any fringes at the end. Opting for too bright colors, too floral and abstract designs instead of plain scarves will look too clumsy and wild. This style is best worn with of shoulder dresses.

single colored scarf

Idea no. 4: Wear Scarf as a Head Bow

In order to get the right looks for this style you must go for narrow width, medium length scarves. As contrary to the tying method of the other scarves discussed above, place the middle part of your scarf just to the nape of your head, below your hairs.

Now, pull the two ends together, at the middle of your head. Tie a knot just above the head and work up a nice little bow with these loose ends. Secure your scarf on to the head by clipping it up with the hair. You can embellish the bow by affixing a jeweled broach at the centre of it.

Wear Scarf as a Head Bow

Expert Tip

Select one colored scarf for this style. You can go for two tone effects of fabrics too. But stay away from big motifs and bold designs. Pastel shades of scarves look best in this style. You can allow a few of your hair fringes or a bang of hair to come out of your scarf, to add glamour to your look.

Pastel shades of scarves

Idea no.5: Wear Your Scarf in Ponytail

Plait all your hair together and tie up as a ponytail, with the help of a rubber band. Now take a scarf to adorn your ponytail. In case of this design, you are free to select any types of scarf.

While a narrow one will be ready to use, in case of a triangular, square and rectangular scarf, you have to foil it up in the form of a narrow strip. Now, tie the scarf in the form of a single knot, over your ponytail, letting the loose ends to hang freely.

Wear Your Scarf in Ponytail

Expert Tips

You are free to experiment with various types and designs of scarves in this design. But stay away from embroidered scarves or those with fringes at the end. A good option will be to match the scarf with that of your outfit.

types and designs of scarves