5 Great Tips To Boost Your Energy In First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy brings with it a whirlwind of change in your life. A newly discovered pregnancy arrives with a mixed bag of feelings. Happiness, joy, thrill, anxiety, panic, fatigue and nausea all rolled into one. This is how the first trimester starts with a bang!

One of the key symptoms and the early signs of pregnancy is an unusual feeling of fatigue, tiredness and lethargy. Most of the times you feel totally drained and exhausted, even without doing any major physical activity. This is mainly due to high levels of progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, produced in the body at this time.

Pregnancy fatigue is closely followed by severe morning sickness and nausea that adds to the early pregnancy discomfort. Here are a few wonderful tips to boost energy and generate stamina during the first trimester:

Tips to Boost your Energy in First Trimester

Plenty of Rest and Sleep

Any amount of tiredness and fatigue can be fought with plenty of rest and relaxation. Make sure to sleep for at least 8 hours every night. Afternoon naps also become necessary at this time to provide you with energy and stamina for rest of the day. Avoid taking alcohol, caffeine or caffeinated drinks that would hinder with your sleep pattern, making you even more dull and tired.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

A lot of time our body gets robbed off the fluids and salt, resulting in dehydration, fatigue and tiredness. Consume at least 3 litres of water every day to keep the body hydrated and the energy levels high. Having energy drinks, juices, clear soups and green tea would also replenish the fluid supply in the body and would make you energetic and fresh.

Physical Activity and Exercises

It’s hard to believe and you might love to hate this, but regular exercise in first trimester would definitely help your feel less lethargic or tired than no exercising at all. After taking a green signal from your doctor, start with some mild paced walks and a few light aerobic exercises. Not only will it help you regain your energy and stamina but also prepare you for a smooth labor and a safe delivery.

A good Diet

Constant nausea and the feeling of throwing up may stop you from eating anything in the first trimester. The repulsion towards food and the smell of it can take a toll on your health. This is the reason why many women lose a few percentage of their body weight in first three months of pregnancy and end up feeling weak and tired all the time.

Eat small but frequent meals of anything if your choice, taste and interest. This will keep your energy levels high and would provide early nourishment to the baby for a proper growth and development inside. Avoid junk and heavy foods and go for fresh fruits, salads, vegetables and dairy products .

Prenatal Supplements

Since you are unable to meet your calorie requirements through food at this stage, it is necessary to take some pre natal supplements everyday. The doctors usually prescribe folic acid, iron and calcium at the middle of first trimester. Iron particularly is mandatory to keep the hemoglobin levels high and prevent anemia, the main culprit behind pregnancy fatigue.

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