5 Fun Activities For Kids

kids activities

kids activities Kids are a powerhouse of energy and so many things around them fills them with questions. With the advent of multimedia a lot of their time is spent on video games and tv which after a limit is not really good for them. It is a task for the elders to teach them how to utilize their time productively without cutting off the enjoyment factor which is the right of every child. Activities can prove to be an engaging and a rewarding experience for parents and kids and a great way for them to bond with each other .

Activities For Kids


Reading is one of the finest habits a person can have and what better time to instill it than childhood. A normal story telling session can become a fun activity for everyone if each one of them actively participates in it. Read aloud stories to kids ,mimicking the characters with different modulations in the voice.

Use exaggerated facial expressions and elaborate gestures. Encourage them to do the same. You can take it a step further by organizing a mini skit of their favourite story, having in it the characters they love. This will also encourage them to read more books.

Growing a Plant

They can be given an empty pot to grow plants and they can start right from the process of putting stones ,soil and manure in it. Spending some time with the plant every day , by taking care of it in ways like watering and giving manure in the right way will positively engage them .

kids activities

Like everyone else children too feel encouraged when they see their efforts leading to something good. So, their happiness will know no bounds when they see the plant grow . You can give them a fruit bearing plant like tomato. They will be so proud to bring to your kitchen their own little harvest.

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Hunting For Treasure

 This old but innovative game can never fail with children as they love challenges . Leave clues and cryptic clues all around the chosen place , with the first one leading to the second which then leads to the next and so on, with the final one leading to the treasure.

Watch them have loads of fun as they use their focus, thinking skills and teamwork . The treasure can be a goodie bag full of things that they like and getting it along with the sweet taste of success will be like no other feeling in the world.

Going For a Picnic

 If you can’t go to a fancy place for a picnic your backyard or your garden or even your balcony can serve the purpose. The idea is to get the children involved in the whole process . Get them to help you pack a picnic basket . They can help you make sandwiches, peel boiled eggs, wash the ingredients of salad etc.

going for picnic

Ask them to pack different types of cheese, a cloth to spread on the ground, water, soft drinks, etc. Eating the food they have helped in making in a changed location will give them a totally different and an enriching experience.


Dancing is a great way to feel good and a very good physical exercise. This can be done in an open area or at home. Play their favorite music and dance along. Give them safe and interesting props like colorful scarves, balls, toys which may look like a mike or a guitar , etc .See them dance uninhibited doing their own innovative steps . Taking snaps of the whole activity and showing them later will be fun too.