5 Full Body Workouts For Total Fitness

One of the most effective fitness programs, which help people to get into total shape, is the full body workout. Full body workout also called the complete body workout refers to a fitness program wherein every part of the body is exercised effectively. The complete or full body exercise routine helps in building ones core strength and muscle mass.

Full Body Workout Routines

Why Are People Opting For Full Body Workout?

The full body workout offers many advantages which has made it extremely popular among individuals who like to exercise regularly and take their fitness seriously. Full body workouts can be done by people with an advanced fitness level and by those who have only started exercising recently.

Instead of having to spend hours at the gym, the full body workout is designed in a manner so that people can get maximum fitness benefits in the minimum time. Full body workouts help individuals to develop their muscle mass and aids in burning body fat effectively.

Full body workouts are designed to help people to lift heavier weights which help them to bulk up their bodies. For women, special full body workouts have been created to help them shed excess fat from specific parts of the body.

Total body workouts help to increase muscle endurance, strength, body flexibility and cardiovascular stamina. The body metabolism also receives a boost when people do full body workouts.

Finding the Perfect Full Body Workout

Before deciding on a full body workout, individuals must determine their personal fitness goals. Fitness goals vary from person to person. While some people are looking for exercise routines which will help them to build muscle mass, other people are trying to look for an exercise routine that will help them to shed their excess weight. Whether your fitness goal is to increase flexibility or improve cardiovascular strength, full body workouts are the right exercise routine for you. For complete physical fitness nothing beats the full body workout.

How Often Should One Do The Full Body Workout?

Unlike other exercise routine which focuses on muscle group or part of the body, the full body workout focuses on each and every part of the body. Hence instead of hitting the gym every single day of the week, one can do full body workouts thrice a week. Ideally a gap of one day should be given between each full body workout program. So if a person does a full body workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays then he should not exercise on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Five Effective Full Body Workout Routines

There are many full body workouts programs which one can choose from. Before choosing a full body workout program check out the one that will not only help you to meet your fitness target, but an exercise routine which you will enjoy doing as well.

If you are a beginner then it is best to choose a full body workout routine that will not push you too hard. Although full body exercise routine will leave you feeling sore and completely tired initially, in the long run it offers many health benefits including protection from osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. A few full body exercise routines which help one to achieve complete fitness have been discussed below.

Tae Bo

Tae Bo combines martial arts moves with kickboxing and aerobic exercise routines. This is a true sweat inducing, exercise form that exercises every major muscle group of the body.  The squats, punches and dynamic kicks which are part of the Tae Bo Workout help to keep people totally fit.

This full body workout routine ensures, better muscle tone greater flexibility and increase in cardiovascular fitness. Since Tae Bo is a high intensity workout, people are able to burn calories much faster. Tae Bo also increases a persons focus, awareness and body balance as well. In short one can confidently say that Tae Bo is an incredibly effective full body workout program.

Tae Bo

Circuit Training

If you are looking for a fast paced workout routine that combines cardio workout routine with strength training then circuit training is the exercise for you. Circuit training can be called a high intensity interval training program that improves a person’s balance and co-ordination while maintaining the muscle tone.

In circuit training an individual moves between different high intensity exercise routines with a good measure of aerobic exercise thrown in between. Because the body undergoes short bursts of different exercise forms, it is able to burn calories much faster as well. A person can do circuit training at a gym or even organize the necessary exercise equipment to do circuit training at home.

Circuit Training

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Power Yoga

For a full body workout that helps strengthen major muscle groups of the body nothing beats power yoga. In power yoga a person has to do multiple yoga poses to increase strength, flexibility and balance. Aerobic activity is also incorporated into this yoga form for maximum benefit.

People who do power yoga have experienced increased endurance levels. Their metabolism levels have also improved significantly. Another advantage to doing power yoga is that it helps to relieve pent up stress and tension and helps individuals gain inner peace and happiness.

Power Yoga

Kettle Bell Workout

Kettle bell workouts can be designed to give an individual a complete body workout that enhances their overall fitness levels. Kettle bell exercises not only improve overall fitness levels but they are great exercise routine to burn calories faster.

A full body kettle bell exercise is designed to increase the lean muscle mass, increase strength and burn body fat. Kettle bell workout if done properly can improve balance and even patience as well.

Kettle Bell Workout

Slow Burn

This is one super exercise form that is catching on with health conscious, fitness freaks very quickly. The main focus of this exercise form is to improve ones body strength and endurance levels.

In slow burn, exercises are done in a kind of slow motion. Because the exercises are done at such a slow speed, only one set of exercise is typically done in a thirty minute workout. Slow burn exercise is not only for people with advanced fitness levels. In fact even beginners can benefits from the advantages offered by this unique exercise routine.

Slow Burn