5 Foods Which Are Low In Saturated Fats

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With the advent of time, people across the world have become busier in their everyday life which has cut short the amount of time they spend at home and in the kitchen as well. Thus, chances are high that the regular and majority of the food intake is unhealthy and junk and incorporating a healthy diet becomes difficult too. Thus, due to the high content of saturated fat in the junk food, the chances of illness increase manifold and results into a lot of medical ailments as well. Even though the ill effects of food loaded with saturated fats are still yet to be confirmed, it is better to limit its intake and try to stick to food alternatives which are relatively low on the saturated fat content.

Some Of The Foods Which Are Low In Saturated Fat Are Discussed As Below


The best thing about nature is that it offers us the best form of food loaded with a number of benefits in terms of the vegetables. Almost all of the vegetables found and edible are specifically low on the saturated fat content, and instead are rich and loaded with nutrients, minerals and essential antioxidants which help the body to stay active and fit. Contrary to popular belief, veggies which are dried, canned or frozen, all are low on saturated fat. Care should be taken just in the case when having veggies cooked in oil or butter as in both the instances chances of saturated fat addition are extremely high.



The best way to avoid high saturated fat food is by the consumption of grains which are multi-grain and whole wheat products. Other such food elements low on saturated fat includes dried beans, oatmeal and sweet potatoes.



Fruits are another gift of nature to the mankind as all the edible varieties has something or the other to offer to mankind. Fruits are essentially rich in fibers, minerals, vitamins, as well as antioxidants all of which are extremely beneficial to the human health. With the goodness of the fact that fruits are totally low in saturated fats, they can be consumed without any worries. But, care should be taken in case on is having packed fruits in syrups as in those cases saturated fat levels are quite high.


Lean Meat

Even though meat of any form is considered to be high on saturated fat content, there are some options which offer otherwise. Healthier options here are consumption of low-saturated fat meat products like chicken and fish which are usually lean in nature. Avoiding beef and pork are advisable.


Dairy Products

Dairy products consumed are relatively low on the saturated fat content barring some of it like hard cheese like cedar, whole milk, fat milk, whipped cream and ice creams. Sticking to options like yogurt, both frozen and normal temperature ones, low fat milk, skimmed milk options and skim cheese products are low on the saturated fat content and are healthy to consume.

 Dairy Products