5 Foods That Worsens Your Bad Mood 

Foods That Aids In A Bad Mood

Ever thought of why you went through a mood loss due to no reason. Benefits of eating healthy food are not unknown to anyone. The food you eat affects both your body and mind. It is easy to calculate the benefits of a healthy diet for body but there are other aspects of the food we eat as it also affects our temperament. What we don’t realize is that many eatables carries energy that lifts up and some other eatables does the vice versa, let’s find out these tasty culprits who are behind your foul mood.

These Are Foods That Aids In A Bad Mood

Sugar Intakes

We all need to monitor our intakes of sugar closely it is very likely to be the one ingredient that press the switch from on to off. Consumption of sugar, varying from low to high goes on good to bad scale. Sugar is an instant energy provider; we mostly crave for sugar when feeling low or at the end of the day. Eating sweets at that time gives a spike to your blood sugar level and then after some time when the sugar levels comes down your mood swings from good to bad.

Refined sugar

Processed Food

While making choices about what we eat it very necessary to consider what is good for physical well being as well as mental health. According to the many studies it is advised to consume more and more fresh fruits and vegetables than the processed food for a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Coffee, Tea

Caffeine functions like sugar, it triggers up your energy level temporarily for a short span of time and when your blood sugar comes down it makes you crankier and leaves with sourer mood than earlier. Consuming green tea or lemonade instead of caffeine is more recommended.

Black Coffee

Bottled Juices And Aerated Drinks

Many of us consider bottled juice a healthier option compared to sodas, where as both the drinks contains equal serving of sugar and preservative chemical, before rushing for the canned juices and aerated drinks consider replacing them with coconut water or fresh juice for good health.

Bottled Juices And Aerated Drinks

Potato Chips

The more delicious these chips and other packed snacks are the more disheartening it is to learn the fact that these are the reason behind your sulking mood. Avoiding these packed snacks will give health benefits in long run.

Crispy Fried Potato Chips