5 Eye Makeup Tips For Small Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips For Small Eyes

Eyes are the first thing that get noticed when you meet someone. Beautiful and attractive eyes have a charismatic effect on people and so it is not incorrect to say that prominent eyes work wonders in making an impression. Big, deep and expressive eyes have always been a subject of envy among the ladies but what about small eyes?

They have a charm of their own. If only, you work a little bit on them and make them look wider, lengthier & voluminous you can feel the magic work in no time. So here are some simple, easy to perform tips and tricks to make your small eyes look bigger and bewitching.

Eye Makeup Tips For Small Eyes

Eye-line Of Control

Eye Line Of Control Eye Makeup

Let us begin with this easy yet very effective technique using only eyeliner. Line the outer lip of the lower lash line and leave a space (approximately a quarter of the lash line) between the liner and the lower waterline. Do not line the inner lip. To add linearity to the appearance, use a thick liner on the outer edge of the lower lash line. To further accentuate the effect you can line the inner lip of the lower lash line with a soft white pencil. It will open up the eyes and brighten the appearance.

Make It Light And Bright

Light And Bright Eye Makeup

Discard the dark’ should be the mantra for you. Dark shades of eye shadows make the eyes appear smaller. Instead wear light and pearly shades. They reflect light substantially to make your eyes appear bigger. While picking an eye shadow pick the shade that blends well with the natural shade of your eyes.

Crease It Up

Crease Eye Make Up

As small eyes do not crease, you can define one by using a dark eye shadow powder of gray or brown color (on the supposed crease area) and apply a lighter color on the eyelid. This will render width and volume. Do not forget to use a primer before using the highlight powder. This fends off the creasing, clotting or fading of the highlight. In addition you can also wear a highlight under the eye brow to amp up the effect.

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Elementary Curl

Elementary Curl Eye Makeup

This tip holds the distinction of being the easiest one to get the desired big-eye effect. Just curl your eye lashes. But one thing to keep in mind here is to never use the mascara before curling your lashes. This may break your lashes. Mascara adds length and volume to eyes lashes and makes the eyes appear brighter. Apply two coats of Mascara on the upper lash and a mild touch on the lower one.

Raise The Eyebrows

Rule of the thumb for bigger and voluminous eyes is well-shaped, professionally done eyebrows. Eyebrows, slightly arched make the eyes look bigger. Highlight your brow bone with a light color (white or silver) to provide a spot of focus to eyes. If you want, you can even highlight the brow bone with a frosted shadow to add a twinkle.

Raise The Eyebrows For Makeup

As you would have noticed by now that you don’t need any special expertise to perform these makeup tips. All you need is a set of simple make up tools and products, which, very likely you already have in your kit. So, what are you waiting for? Just use these simple and efficacious techniques to revamp your appearance, now with your bigger and deeper eyes.