5 Excellent Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers

Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers

You might have burnt your finger many times accidently. It could be due to touching the hot oven or touching any hot vessels, pan or cooker etc. There are also chances to toast finger due to uncertain touch or contracting finger to the hot iron box. Sometimes, due to sudden fall of candles and so on.

Though these are minor burns, it is very tough to tolerate the pain. Therefore, one should be very careful and be alert to escape from such accidents. These accidents happen only when you make hurry. That is why, it is said- start early, drive slowly and reach safely. This means that, wakeup early, to get your tasks done easily and comfortably without any hassles. Incase, if finger is burnt, you should know the quick home remedies that will help you soothe the toasted finger easily. Try the underneath home remedies to reduce the soothing and get better relief from burnt finger.

Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers

Effect of Banana On Skin Burn

Banana To Reduce Burns

Banana works best to cure any type of cuts or burns, as it has the power to treat or soothe the skin. Applying banana is very easy- take a small banana, smash well in a bowl, make sure the banana is smashed properly to a thick paste. Now, apply this banana pulp on the soothe area and tie the gauze bandage. You need to tie bandage because, if it is opened to air, there are chances of getting infection.

Coconut or Peanut Oil

Coconut Oil To Reduce Burns

Usually, it is a good practice to remember coconut or peanut oil in many circumstances, as these oils help to cure many diseases or soothes the pain. Coconut oil has been the basic home remedy for accidental burns in the kitchen such as- touching hot pans, cooker etc. As peanut oil is available in the kitchen always, you can take a small glass pour peanut or coconut oil, and dip your burnt finger immediately when your finger gets burnt. This will help reduce the pain in a short period.

Soframycin Cream

Soframycin Cream To Reduce Burns

Soframycin cream is the best solution for all kind of skin problems. It works well to cure many skin diseases that includes- itching, pain, burning, pimples, and so on. Soframycin soothes the finger burnt due to touching hot things.

Apply Honey

Honey To Reduce Burns

Honey works similar to banana. It gives the same effect as banana gives. Hence, try either banana or honey whatever you feel better or to whatever substance you are comfortable with. Take a spoon of honey and pour in a small bottle cap, dip your finger in to it; else take a small cotton ball, apply honey with the help of this cotton ball, keep the cotton on the toasted finger, and tie a white ribbon or fresh white cloth for better cure.

Rub Raw Potato

Raw Potato To Reduce Burns

Raw potato can be used to remove the darkness of the skin due to burn. Raw potato also helps to soothe the pain if it is used to rub the burnt finger.