5 Essential Tankini Maternity Swimwear

Halter Tankinis

The summer is around the corner and you have just gotten the good news that you are pregnant. There is nothing like a refreshing swim to beat pregnancy blues and stay in good physical shape right throughout your pregnancy. Women tend to feel conscious about their expanding bellies and often hesitate to wear swimsuits, let alone go for a swim.

Advents in the fashion industry have come out with interesting and eclectic tankini maternity swimwear to make you look chic, stylish and comfortable. Tankinis are two-piece swimsuits that have tops long enough to cover your burgeoning belly. Here are the 5 essential tankini maternity swimwear.

Different Types Of  Tankini Maternity Swimwear

Halter Tankinis

Halter tankinis work by drawing attention away from a large bosom especially when you find your bust line expanding during the pregnant months. Go in for suave, neat and stylish geometric prints in elongated styles that give an illusion of length and help to flatter and slim your figure.

Halter Tankinis

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Go in for darker colours like purple, green and blue, which further help to reduce an ample figure. You do not have to fret about not being able to hit the beach. Wear these and go flaunt your delicious tan.

Floral Designs

Go in for classic floral prints in summery colours like pastels and pinks. You can choose from small or large prints. If you are petite, choose prints that are smaller as very large prints can make you look stubby. If you are tall, feel free to experiment in different shapes and sizes. Wear suits with adjustable halter ties that can also be worn as bows around the bust line. Most of these swimsuits come with padded cups to give you that extra support and comfort.

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Black Tankinis

Nothing works as well as black in hiding figure flaws now that you are pregnant. Black works well by covering up the belly and makes you look fairer with the contrast. Choose a classic black halter tankini with a deep neck that shows just a hint of cleavage. Choose scoop necklines and flaunt this swimsuit at a beach or a swimming pool party.

Black Tankini

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Strapless Tankini

The strapless tankini works well on women with relatively skinnier figures and smaller bust lines. In addition, if you are looking forward to a tan on the beach, wear a strapless tankini that will help you to catch the tan faster. Go in for stylish and bright prints that make you look pretty and vivacious on a hot summer day. Choose a deep neck only if you feel comfortable and can carry it off well.

Nursing Swimwear

This swimwear is specifically for a plus sized woman who has just delivered and is nursing her young baby. This swimwear has adjustable top cups that makes it easier to feed the child on a day at the beach.

Nursing Swimwear

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These tops have a flattering empire cut which makes nursing discreet and gives the woman her much needed privacy. These essential tankini swimsuits are a great buy especially if you like to swim or frolic in the pool.