5 Essential Oils To Treat Hair Loss

Essential Oils To Treat Hair Loss

Are you fed up and frustrated hunting for natural solutions for hair loss? Losing hair and looking at your ill fate of becoming bald is a depressing fact. But you don’t have to get upset and disappointed because it is not too late to provide a solution for hair fall or loss at your home. It is not too late for preventing it.The best thing about the entire process of the treatment in respect to hair thinning and falling is that you can get the remedies right at your kitchen. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Don’t ignore the problem and start with the treatment at the earliest.

What Are The Reasons For Alopecia Or Hair Loss

Before you come to know about the ways and means of hair loss prevention, it is extremely important and crucial to have knowledge about the reasons behind its occurrences. Some of the primary factors responsible are as follows.

Stress and anxiety
Effects of post surgery and medicines
Lack of proper nutrients in the diet
Hormonal imbalance
Issues with thyroid
Pregnancy among women and post child birth
Hereditary or genetic
Chemo therapy

What Are The Natural Solutions For Hair Loss Treatment

You might have come across several tips and methods of treating the hair fall problem but haven’t really got the positive results, right? Have you heard about essential oil? Well it can help you to regain your lost hair and also prevent the thinning with proper usage and application. Forget about the cosmetic products that are available in the market and start using the following 5 essential oil for hair loss.

Top 5 Essential Oils To Consider For Treating Hair Loss


Lavender oil is considered best for dry and flaky scalp and this mainly because of its antiseptic and analgesic properties. The natural scalp oils also gets balanced and with the regular massage of the oil it is assured that you can boast of a strong, soft and shiny hair within few days.

Homemade Lavender Bath Salt


Rosemary is considered as one of the efficient and result oriented hair growth enhancing essential oil because of the high percentage of the anti-oxidant property this essential oil can prevent graying as well as thinning of hair with regular massaging atleast once a week.

Rosemary Oil


Because of the stimulant properties of basil essential oil there is an increase in the flow of blood that can actually help in the growth of hair. You can enjoy the best results if basil oil is combined with other essential oils like rosemary and lavender and explore the growth of new hair within few days of application.

Basil Essential Oil


The juniper essential oil is acquired from the juniper berries and is known to be helpful in respect to skin issues and hair loss. The oil has the potential to moisturize your hair and thereby promote healthy scalp that helps in the growth of hair.

Juniper Essential Oil

Cedarwood Oil

This essential oil is absolutely magical in situations like hair thinning and hair loss especially due to the bacterial infections or weak immune system. Try this essential hair oil and within few days of the application you will start realizing its benefits.

Cedarwood Oil

Hair plays a very important role in the physical appearance of human body. If there are natural remedies available, you must give it a try and find the results out.