5 Essential Oils To Keep At Home For Multiple Benefits

Essential Oils To Keep At Home For Multiple Benefits

Essential oils, volatile oils or ethereal oils are obtained from herbs, plants and trees. These oils are hydrophobic in nature and have volatile aromas. They have wide usage in soaps, perfume manufacturing, aromatherapy and in other areas. Some of them also have many properties that provide for better health, disease prevention and disease cure. We here present to you a list of essential oils that provide for many heath and home care benefits. These are easily available at nearby groceries and pharmacy stores.

Here is a list of 5 essential oils that are to be kept at home always for their multiple benefits


Lavender or Lavandula Offinalis is a herb with miraculous benefits for health. The oil of the herbal plant can be used for treating health conditions like acne, skin rashes and eczema, bites of insects and minor burns. The oil also has antiseptic properties and can be used in cuts and minor wounds. Few drops of the oil when added to bathing water can relieve stress and provide for better sleep. A deodorant can also be made at home by mixing baking soda with the oil for underarms. Lavender sachets (made of dried lavender ingredients) when placed in closets or drawers keep insects and moths away. The oil can also be added to water while cleaning clothes and the treatment will remove all the stinky odors from gym and other apparels/clothes. While washing your floors, add few drops of oil to floor-cleaning water to get a fresh, pathogen-free and fragrant living space.

Lavender Oil


Metha Piperita or Peppermint is one of the most widely used herbs for many health conditions. The oil treats upsets stomach, nausea and also provides cure in cases of queasiness and cramps of abdomen. When combined with other ingredients, it can also relieve bronchial and nasal congestion. Peppermint when sprayed on stinky boots and shoes can eliminate all the odors and when added to water for floor cleaning can also provide a fresh living atmosphere. It also has antibacterial action and can kill the pathogens that dwell in the moist and damp areas of any home including kitchen, store room etc.

Peppermint Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

The exquisite aroma of the oil of the eucalyptus or eucalyptus globules tree can be identified easily. The oil can cure asthma attacks, congestion in chest and muscle pain. You can use the oil for disinfecting your kitchen and other home areas. Germs fail to grow in areas where the oil is used in the form of spray or sprinkled.

Eucalyptus oil


Lemon or Citrus Limonum oil has tremendous benefits for health and home care. Lemon oil can provide for best-in-class furniture polish. The oil is also an affordable bleach. It has wide usage in home are and is used in laundry soaps, dish detergents, spray cleaners and floor cleaners. A few drops of the oil can provide relief from many health conditions such as bad breath, dandruff and anxiety. The oil is also an effective anti-microbial substance and is used for hand sanitation in combination with Aloe Vera gel.

Oil And Lemon Juice


Syzygium Aromaticum or Clove has been used for past several centuries for treating dental problems and tooth pain.It can cure gum diseases, canker and cold sores as well. The oil is rich in antimicrobial substances and should only be used by those with lesser sensitive skin for skin conditions. The diluted oil of clove is use for treating rashes, Athlete’s Foot, fungal infections, wounds, cuts, ear ache and bruises that are mild in nature.

Clove Oil

The oil has some very unique and useful benefits for home care. It repels mosquitoes and when added to home baking soda can also provide relief form fleas. Cloves can be tucked inside an orange and kept in kitchen or closets for repelling flies and repelling moths.