5 Effective Ways To Help A Child Overcome Shyness

5 Effective Ways To Help A Child Overcome Shyness

5 Effective Ways To Help A Child Overcome Shyness It is extremely natural for young children to experience periods of extreme shyness. During such times, a child may experience heightened sense of negative emotions, including fear, anxiety and tension.

Children are not born shy. In fact, most children become shy around the time they are one and a half years old. Children exhibit shyness when they have to tackle unfamiliar situations or interact with unknown people. While a certain degree of shyness is to be expected of all children, debilitating shyness must not be ignored.

Children who are painfully shy are the ones who watch situations or events from the sidelines. While most children grow out of their shyness as they mature, some children are unable to overcome their shyness and end up becoming timid adults. It is extremely imperative to address the problem of shyness in children from the very beginning. Parents can adopt several positive measures to help their child overcome shyness.

Set A Good Example

Children are like blotting papers and absorb their parents every action minutely. As a parent, if you exhibit timidity or shyness, your child is sure to follow suit. So set a good example for your child by tackling various situations in a confident manner.

Parents can teach their children to exhibit friendly behavior and an outgoing nature in various situations. Coax your shy child to start making friendly conversation with people who are known to the family. Praise your child if he or she makes an attempt to overcome his or her shyness and  interacts positively with others.

Stop Labeling Your Child Shy

Stop labeling your child shy! As a parent, that is the biggest mistake you can make, especially if your child is painfully shy. By constantly referring to your child as shy in front of others, you are actually making your child believe that he or she is  indeed shy and that there is nothing that can be done to change this fact. Instead, try to encourage your child to think positively about him self or her self. This way you can slowly draw your child out from his or her shell and make your child more confident and outgoing.

Encourage Your Child To Participate In Group Activities

One of the best ways to help your child overcome the problem of shyness is by enrolling your child in some extracurricular activities. By encouraging your child to participate in extracurricular activities you are actually helping the child to slowly forget his or her  shyness and come out as strong and confident individuals.

Avoid Blaming Or Criticizing Your Child

Some parents make the mistake of comparing their shy child with other more confident children. Negative comparisons can actually make your child lose total self confidence. This can prove to be a dangerous situation in the long run, with your child being unable to face or tackle even the simplest of tasks.

Seek A Therapist Or Psychologist

Try and locate a good therapist or psychologist who can counsel your child regarding his or her shyness. Find a therapist whom you feel your child will be comfortable with. This way your child can open his or her heart out and talk about his or her innermost fears and what is causing him or her to shy away from people and situations. In most cases, a couple of sessions with a good therapist can help your child overcome his or her problem of shyness.

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