5 Effective Remedies For Hangover After Parties

Remedies For Hangovers

Remedies For Hangovers Late night parties, adventurous outings with friends and having fun at discotheque with friends are the latest fads amongst youngsters. Mainly the college going students or young couples love following these lifestyles. All these late night parties are helpful in unwinding and relaxing our mind and soul but they are very tiresome for the body.

This tiredness or fatigue which our body witnesses and results in the stressed out phase of the body after exhaustive parties or enjoyment in night clubs is termed as Hangover. Remaining in this stressed out phase which we call Hangover for a long time is really bad for health. So we have listed few tips which can be used to get over the hangover.

Indulge in Skin Care

Mainly after the hangover the skin is the most affected part which shows the signs of hangover and stress in our body. Usually the skin becomes dry after hangover. The need of the hour is to nourish the skin back again by pampering your skin. This can be best done by scrubbing the whole body skin, which will boost the blood circulation of the whole body and thus rejuvenate the skin. You can either use a homemade scrub or any good face scrub cream can be used for removing the signs of hangover from our skin. The eye might also appear swollen with the hangover effect; this can be treated with the help of tea bags eye pack or ice packs. After scrubbing and treating eyes, moisturize your skin with a good moisturiser. If the eyes have turned red and swollen then you can use eye drops to reduce the redness of the eyes.

Hide it with Make-up

After the late night party next morning you have to go to the office, and then it is a task to hide that hangover look. But Make-up is a nice concealer which will do this for you very effectively. Here are few make-up tips which can be used to hide the hangover look.


Rub ice all over your face and after that exfoliate your facial skin.


If the dark circles are very prominent then hide them with the help of a concealer. With the help of a bright concealer you can hide dark circles easily. Instead of using dark shades of lipstick, use lighter shade or just use Lip balm on your lips.

Step 3

If you are going to the office without make-up, the hangover will be clearly visible on your face. The easiest way to hide it is, mix normal face cream with small amount of foundation and apply it on your face.

Hangover Cures

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After this apply a layer of compact powder on your face. This will perfectly hide the hangover of the last night’s party on your face.

Prepare for the good night sleep

If you reach home after a late night party or function and do not want that hangover look to be visible on your face then before going off to sleep take a tablet of multivitamin. This will save you from the stress and tiredness which you might feel in the morning after getting up. These tablets have Electrocytes, which fulfil the loss of calories occurred during the late night party. You can drink Gatorade powder by mixing it in water, it is helpful in taking away the hangover effect very quickly.

Some people think that the best way to get rid of the hangover after late night parties is to take sleeping pills before sleeping. But this is totally wrong, because taking sleeping pills after the night outs or parties might lead to the risk of developing migraine in near future.

Take help of exercises

Yoga or breathing exercises are very helpful in reducing the stress which builds after hangover. It is better to meditate for some time to get rid of the hangover and after this you can do some light stretching exercises. If you are not in a mood to do exercise then you can take a long walk also, this will make you feel energetic next day. After exercising or walking take a bath with luke warm water, this will take away all the stress from your body and relax all the body muscles. Do remember that during hangover never do a heavy tiring workout, this can damage your muscles and can be harmful for the body too.

Treat yourself with Hangover Foods

Egg Toast

Generally you do not feel like eating the next morning after late night functions. Sometimes some people do not eat for the whole day next day after the party due to hangover effect. This can result in weakness in your body, so the best way to energise your body is to eat egg toast, which includes toasted breads with boiled eggs. Egg is a rich source of cysteine, which helps in detoxifying our body nicely. This means this cysteine present in eggs help in throwing away the toxins from our body, thus reducing the stress and relaxing our body. Not only this, it washes off the acetaldehyde from the body, which causes vomiting and headaches after the hangover.


To get rid of hangover bananas is the best fruit. Bananas are rich source of magnesium, potassium and fructose, which helps in removing all the tiredness and fatigue from the body suffering from hangover.


Many people think that drinking coffee is helpful in getting over the hangover, but it is completely wrong.

Hangover Remedies

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Tea is the best drink to get rid of hangover; you can take lemon tea and instead of using sugar add some honey to make it more nutritious. If you are not fond of Lemon Tea then you can drink Cardamom tea, this also relaxes your mind after hangover.

Soup and Juices

In the morning after the party, you still feel the heaviness in your head and do not want to drink tea then tomato soup is the best substitute for the tea. You can add one fourth tea spoon black pepper to this soup for freshness. You can also have vegetable soup for breakfast to feel good and relaxed after the party.

These five tips are very effective in getting over the party hangovers which you can use and just let me know which one worked the best for you.