5 Easy Tricks Of Cleaning Oil Splatters In Kitchen

Tricks Of Cleaning Oil Splatters In Kitchen

At the end of the day, post cooking, one problem which looms on our head is cleaning the kitchen. We all are aware of the importance of kitchen hygiene and how it is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and thus it becomes mandatory for us to keep the kitchen free of dust and grease at all times. While cooking at the kitchen, it is usual that oil gets scattered on the oven, on the kitchen tables as well as on the oven tops too. However, the good news is that the menace of oil splatters can be handled quite effectively with some very simple and cheap tricks.

Some Of The Easy tricks of cleaning oil splatters in the kitchen are


A very common ingredient found in the kitchens can help out in cleaning oil splatters to a great extent. In order to clean oil and greasy surface in the kitchen, one just needs to pour undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it on the surface laden with oil and grease. This solution should be given about five to ten minutes time to settle down before wiping the surface with a clean cloth or a scrubber. Voila, no streak of oil would be seen on the kitchen area anymore.

White vinegar

Mineral Oils

Cleaning oil splatters or grease in the kitchen can be much easier with the application of mineral oils! Adding a few drops of mineral oil to a clean paper towel and rubbing the surface laden with oil does the trick efficiently and effectively as well. After the oil is cleaned, one just needs to wipe the surface with another clean paper towel which leaves the surface with just a thin coating of oil which will actually help in cleaning future oil splatter incidents with lesser effort. Mineral oils are neutral in nature and are usually used for the treatment of wood products and easily available in the market.

Mineral Oils

Baking Soda

A common ingredient found in the kitchen all across the world, baking soda is a boon in cleaning oil splatters and kitchen grease! To use this one effectively, one needs to sprinkle the baking soda on a non-abrasive scrubber or a damp sponge or cloth and rub the surface laden with oil and grease. The baking soda helps in cleaning the oil and grease and following it up with a smooth cleaning of the surface with another clean damp cloth does the trick. This method is highly effective and used by many to get rid of oil splatter woes!

Mixture of Salt And Baking Soda

Vegetable Oils

Another natural cleaning wonder which works well with grease and oil splatters are vegetable oils. A natural vegetable oil can be used to clean the kitchen of oil and grease applied to a paper towel. This process should definitely be followed up with re-cleaning the surface with a new paper towel to see the amazing result.

Vegetable Oil

Phosphate free TSP ( Trisodium Phosphate)

The Trisodium phosphate is a synonym for “pure cleaning power” and has been used since a long time as a cleaning agent in the cleaning of clothes and utensils too. But it has been stopped once the harsh effects of the phosphates came to light. Thus, this resulted into Phosphate free Trisodium Phosphates, which are devoid of the harmful effects of the phosphate and are effectively used as an agent to clean oil, grease, paint and various other materials. TSP’s are considered to be used in cleaning the hardest of the oil and grease which get deposited on the kitchen surfaces.

Phosphate free TSP