5 Diets To Follow During Periods

Diets To Follow During Periods

It is that 5 days of the month when all that mood loss, irritation, loss in energy and you are tired most of the time, yes we are talking about the PMS and time during periods. Regular periods are a sign of working uterus in women. As essential it is to have regular periods as difficult is the time of periods is for women. You will be amazed to know that your comfort food is actually the culprit behind your sullen mood. Craving for carbohydrate is very likely to occur during periods as periods tends to slow down the energy and you want to grab a packet of potato chips and your regular coffee run that gives you temporary energy boost and later when you the temporary energy punch is gone you feel crankier than you already was. Let’s find out what food to eat to avoid all these mood swings.

These Are Diets To Follow During Periods


Water is one simple ingredient to keep you energise during period. Drinking water more in quantity helps body in releasing water retention and also aids in bloating that often troubles during periods. In case you are not drinking enough water your body hold on the water in body to complete its needs that further causes the unpleasant bloating.

Drinking Water By A Straw

Avocado And Egg Yolk

Human body is a complex structure, ignoring its needs does not go well in long run. It needs many vitamins and minerals to keep it fit and healthy. So is in your periods, it is necessary to look for the amount of vitamin and minerals that you r body requires during periods to have an easy and less troubling time of the month. You can avail minerals and vitamins from raw fruits and green vegetables. Vitamin E particularly reduces the PMS that is easily available in avocado and egg yolk. You can also choose bananas and oatmeal.

Egg yolk and Avocado Mask

Banana And Dairy Products

Consumption of food rich in calcium like curd, broccoli, banana and dairy products are good for women health as they required minimum 1200mg of calcium every day. That improves overall health and also aids relieving menstruation cramps.

Dairy Products

Beans And Spinach

Craving for iron rich food are found high time at this time of month, it is due to those who are menstruating some women may lack in iron. It is when women crave for meat like hamburgers and potato chip. You can consume spinach, beans, boiled rice, and tomatoes are iron rich food that will fulfil the craving of iron rich food with a healthier option.

Beans And Spinach


Eating fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acid, particularly salmon and other fishes provide good amount of omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acid not only provides benefits to heart also provide relieves in pre menstruation symptoms. Those who consumes sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acid in their daily diet are less likely to go through period pain.

oily fish

By adding food that contains calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium like milk, bananas, tomatoes and other raw fruit and vegetables that provides energy that helps in easy menstruation. Just like eating right food can avoid menstruation cramps one can also avail benefits from avoiding foods that is junk food, cookies, that are source of instant but temporary energy and also women should avoid food and beverages that contains high quantity of sodium to avoid bloating.