5 Common Problems With Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies are one of the most gripping socio-economic problems facing the world today. It is estimated that around one million teen pregnancies occur in US alone despite the advent and spread of sex education and family planning methods.

The grim scenario presented by teen pregnancies is something most governments all over the world are struggling to come to terms with. Here are some of the common problems faced with the occurrence of teenage pregnancies.

Teenage Pregnancy

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5 Common Problems With Teenage Pregnancy

Nutritional Status of The Teen Mother

The biggest impact of a teen pregnancy is its effect on the teen mother. Most young girls out of fear and denial delay getting quality prenatal care, which affects their overall health and nutritional status.

Since the teen herself is in her growing years, she needs double the amount of nutrition for herself and her growing baby. Most girls falter on this aspect and end up with low birth weight babies, premature deliveries and other pregnancy complications.

In some countries nutritional counselling centres have been established which promise patient confidentiality, at the same time giving the girl sound advice with regard to nutrition. However, the accessibility to these centres is still very limited.

The Use of Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

Young teens are very gullible and the use of drugs and smoking amongst them is rampant. Young teens are probably not aware of the repercussions of drugs and smoking on the growing foetus. They continue with its use, which can lead to foetal anomalies and other abnormalities.

Use of Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

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School Dropouts

Having a teen pregnancy has given rise to abysmal school and college dropout rates affecting the teen’s educational and career prospects. In case of single teen mothers, the effects are more glaring.

Teens coming from low socio economic backgrounds are further strained with the arrival of a new baby. Single teen fathers who are willing to share the responsibility may also have to drop out of school and take on a part time job in order to be able to provide for the baby.


Depression is rife amongst new teenage mothers as they have very unrealistic expectations when it comes to looking and taking care of a young baby. Most of them cannot fathom the care and the pains required to look after a young baby.


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The pressure can be debilitating. Most teens also get depressed not knowing what the future holds for them. Neglect on the part of the mothers is a very common problem and this can affect the baby’s emotional and physical well being.

Fear, Embarrassment and Ridicule

While the US and other developed nations have gained acceptance of teen pregnancies, many developing nations are not open to the idea at all. Countries like India, which have strong social and family values, look down upon the concept of a teen pregnancy.

The family members often subject girls in our country to acute ridicule, social ostracism and embarrassment. Teen pregnancies are majorly under reported in countries like ours. Most girls are forced to go in for abortions, which further affect their reproductive health.