5 Best Remedies For Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding During Pregnancy Pregnancy is the only time when a woman is free from menstrual bleeding if she has not entered the menopause stage. However, in some cases of pregnancy, a woman may undergo vaginal bleeding which is not so common and may be termed as abnormal during pregnancy.Here are some of the best remedies which may be helpful in treating the problem of bleeding during the pregnancy period:

Remedies For Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bed Rest

The best remedy for bleeding during pregnancy is to take complete bed rest. Excessive bleeding in pregnancy is not good for both the mother and the child and therefore may lead to bad consequences such as miscarriage. This is the reason why doctors advice pregnant women to take full bed rest in case they encounter any sort of spotting or bleeding during their pregnancy. Complete rest ensures that your womb is properly held by the placenta. When the placenta has a good hold over the womb, then there are very rare chances of a miscarriage.

Intake of Folic Acid

The intake of folic acid improves the functioning of the placenta and helps it take hold of the womb more effectively. When the placenta is functioning properly, then there are very less chances of a miscarriage.

how to treat bleeding during pregnancy

Green and leafy vegetables are a good supplement of folic acid. The folic acid not only improves the functioning of placenta, but also helps the body fight anaemia by increasing the fabrication of haemoglobin in the bone marrow. As bleeding during pregnancy may be a sign of miscarriage, therefore the increased intake of folic acid will help you prevent miscarriage to a great extent.

Progesterone Supplement

Bleeding during pregnancy may also be caused due to altered level of a hormone named progesterone. Therefore, it is necessary that you consult a doctor and get your progesterone blood test done.

This will help you and your doctor judge the level of the progesterone hormone in your blood. This hormone is very important for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

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No Sexual Intercourse

Usually it is advised not to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy. This advice should be strictly followed in case you are suffering from bleeding during your pregnancy. Not having a sexual intercourse may also serve as a good remedy for bleeding during the pregnancy.

When you are bleeding, you must first find the root cause of the bleeding. Unless and until you know the actual cause of the bleeding, you should avoid any sort of sexual intercourse with your partner and provide rest to your body so that it can maintain its natural functioning during pregnancy.

Home Remedies

One of the best home remedy for curing bleeding during pregnancy is to take a mixture created using guava leaves, Africa star apple leaves and water. The mixture is to be made by squeezing the guava leaves and Africa star apple leaves in the water. This water can be drunk at any time of the day. This is an immediate remedy for spotting and bleeding during pregnancy.

This drink immediate clogs the blood and stops the bleeding instantly.Although a little bit of bleeding during the initial days of pregnancy is common and is healthy too, but excessive bleeding should not be taken lightly and you should immediately consult your doctor.

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