5 Best Natural Cures For Scabies


Best Natural Cures For Scabies

Scabies is the disease where you will see the red mitis on the skin and they are said to occur even under the skin too. It is too scary which will force the affected person to do itching heavily. The disease is said to occur even when there is an interaction with other person’s skin.

That means, if a person suffering from scabies skin touches another person’s skin, you will see the disease transmitted to that person. Usually, these scabies are found on hands, fingers, body’s back and buttock as well. Scabies are such that they can be transformed even through the clothes, if the affected person’s clothes are mixed with other people’s clothes. So, it is very important to be alert of infected people to avoid getting scabies further. Also, know the essential natural cures for scabies that will be helpful for you to cure scabies from your home, incase of emergency.

5 Excellent Natural Cure For Scabies

Apply Dettol

Dettol For Scabies

You can try dettol which is good in curing wounds and has ability to kill bacteria. Take a cotton ball, dip in dettol, and attach it to the infected area to cure the scabies without any disturbance. It is always a good idea to tie the affected area. So that other persons will not be affected by the disease. Also, if you expose scabies to air, there are more chances to increase the infection. Therefore, control scabies pain by hiding it inside the cloth or bandage.

Turmeric Powder And Lemon

Turmeric Powder For Scabies

Turmeric powder and lemon are the super medicines to cure irritation. Hence, take few amount of turmeric powder, squeeze required amount of lemon juice to make a thick paste, and apply this paste on the hands and fingers or on the other area that you are infected by scabies. This combination of turmeric and lemon juice will help cure scabies soon.

Hot Water Effect

Hot Water Effect For Scabies

Hot water is the best solution to reduce any kind of swelling, irritation or pain. Hence, you can dip your hands or fingers or any other infected area, in the hot water tub in order to get good relief from scabies. Do this regularly two times a day for atleast 20 days to reduce the scabies pain.

Onion And Garlic

Onion And Garlic For Scabies

Onion and garlic are also most effective in reducing the pain and other irritations. Hence, make it a habit to use onions and garlic- take onion and garlic, cut them in to small pieces, and add them to jar, take out the juice from onion and garlic together and put in the bowl. With the help of your finger, apply slowly on the scabies affected area to get rid of scabies.

Tulsi And Neem Juice

Neem Juice For Scabies

You can use Tulsi and Neem juice for scabies. Both Tulsi and Neem Leaves have equal power in curing the disease. Thus, takeout few leaves of Tulsi, and Neem as well, and takeout the juice, add them to the sandalwood paste. Later, add this mixture to the bacterial infected area and say bye to scabies.

Cures For Scabies