5 Best Kept Ancient Beauty Secrets

Best Kept Ancient Beauty Secrets

Ever wondered how women in ancient times manage a clear complexionlooked young, and kept wrinkles at bay? Times may have changed; however, a blemish free complexion, supple skin, and wrinkle-free face never goes out of fashion. To get a glowing face, we eat healthy, exercise, get facial treatments, apply the right make-up products, or even get under the knife. Although, women in ancient times did not have access to modern inventions, they surely knew how to take care of their skin.

Here are five of the best-kept ancient beauty secrets

Bright Complexion And Clear Skin

In ancient China, rice water was used as a skin toner. Rice water helped in brightening the skin. For a blemish-free skin, women in ancient Japan used ‘Azuki’. An ingredient when gently rub on face helps to smooth out the skin and reduce blemishes. Ancient Greek women used olive oil on their face. Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamins. It also kept their skin moisturised.

Fair Skin

Acne Prevention And Cure

To prevent and reduce acne, traditional Japanese women used turmeric and tea tree oil. Ancient Egyptians added Dead Sea salt to their baths. It was useful in treating eczema and psoriasis. They also used honey to treat acne. Turmeric, with its anti-bacterial properties was widely used in ancient India to prevent acne and reduce blemishes. The Aztecs used a paste of avocado and lemon to clear acne, and moisturise their skin.


Wrinkle Reduction

Ancient Chinese women consumed ‘ganoderma’ or ‘lingzhi’ that helped fight free radicals. It kept them wrinkle free. Ancient Egyptians and Indians used Aloe Vera to preserve their youthful skin, and reduce wrinkles. Ancient Japanese women used ‘Camellia’ (a floral oil). It helped them moisturise their skin and soften fine lines.

Wrinkles And Age Spots

Skin Tightening

In ancient China, egg whites were used directly on the skin to hydrate it and tighten it. Used by ancient Greek and Egyptian women, rose water helped to tighten the facial skin. It was also used as a toner and helped reduce wrinkles. In ancient China, Geishas often used rice water on their face to tighten the pores of their skin.

Erase Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Hair Removal

In India, turmeric along with honey and yoghurt was used as a mask, when dried it was scrubbed to remove the unwanted facial hair. Ancient Egyptians pioneered the method of body sugaring to remove unwanted hair. It did not irritate skin, exfoliated it, and was less painful than waxing. Ancient Babylonians removed unwanted facial hair by a pumice stone.

Hair Removal

A clear complexion was in vogue in ancient times as is today. Some of these treatments are still used by women to achieve a clear, blemish free complexion, and reduce fine lines. Try some or all of these beauty treatments, and experience a change yourself.