5 Best Healthy Hair Tips

Healthy Hair Tips

Healthy Hair Tips Healthy hair is the key to beautiful hair. This is not at all true because no matter what type of hairstyle you wear or want to wear in the future if you do not have healthy hair, you hair will simply speak for itself. There are many factors that give away how healthy your hair is and these range from having split ends that show very easily, to dandruff that may not show so easily.

In any case there are a lot of things you must make sure and follow in terms of your hair care and hygiene to ensure that you have healthy and beautiful looking hair.

Healthy hair is especially more important these days because teenagers are very keen on experimenting different types of hairstyles as well as various types of hair coloring. Both of these activities can be fairly strenuous on the hair, and as it is understandable, unless your hair is healthy and strong, it will end up breaking a lot during the above-mentioned aspirations. There is no harm in experimenting or frequently changing your hairstyle; however you have to be cautious and have a very good hair care regime. In addition to that there are a few other things that they must remember to avoid and take precautions against to have healthy and beautiful hair.

1. Avoid Split Ends

Split ends for the hair are like a cardiac arrest for the entire body. They are very tormenting, especially to girls, and can severely damage your hair. You might not see them as a dangerous ailment initially; however during the later stages of your hair care, no matter how careful you are with your hair, the split ends will not perish. They will cause a lot of long-term problems, and sometimes even haircuts might not resolve them. There are a few very important tips you must remember to avoid split ends. Firstly, split ends make your hair very brittle, and the more brittle your hair is, the easier they will break off.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no hair care products that can treat the problem of split ends. Split ends are natural and it happens when the hair gets too long. The only way to treat it in time is to get a hair cut. Regular trimming of hair will prevent split ends from occurring. In addition to that make sure that you properly brush your hair, because this will also help in reducing and preventing split ends. Also, people, especially those with long hair should remember that it is important for you to simply pat your hair dry because rubbing it vigorously against the towel will cause them to tangle and ultimately break. Wait till they dry off and then neatly brush them all.

2. The Optimal Hair Care Products – Shampoo and Conditioners

With the amount of choice available in the market it is very easy for anyone to get confused about which hair care products they should choose to buy, and which they should avoid. The important thing to remember is that you need to know where your hair lies between too oily and too dry. This is because hair care products are primarily designed to control the amount of oil being released from the scalp, eliminate unnecessary oil build up in the hair, restore the lost moisture and oils in the hair, as well as control dandruff.

If you hair flattens out even after a daily wash, then you have oily hair; however if even after not having a hair wash for a certain days your hair seems to have volume, then it means you have dry hair. Now knowing the key to the game, you can go and choose the right products for you. One recommendation for everyone is to try and choose herbal hair care products over the others because they do not have chemicals and harmful substances for the hair. They are made natural and are very hair friendly.

3. Avoid Electronic Heat

Electronic heat is artificial and very harmful for hair health and quality. These days everyone uses hair dryers, hair curlers, straighteners, then you are digging the grave for your hair. This is because the heat releases from these devices is that which is converted from electricity, as such it is incredibly dry. However hair always need a little amount of moisture as well. The worst part about using these is that you end up drying your hair out, but the scalp remains oily. As such if you oil your hair, then the scalp will get too oily. Let your hair dry naturally and try using items like plastic curlers and such for styling.

4. Semi-permanent Colors are Better

Coloring and hair dying are amongst the most common hair change activities; however not all people know the facts behind coloring hair and how it can be harmful. Using permanent hair colors is the choice for all people; however people do not understand that permanent colors are very hard on the hair. Semi-permanent colors, demi-gloss are easier and softer on the hair and if done right, they can also last a very long time.

5. A Healthy and Vitamin Rich Diet

Vitamins directly affect the quality of our hair. As such the most vitamins you have the better your hair would be. Using vitamin E oil externally will help your hair grow and obtain and very unique natural shine. As for diet, avoid aerated drinks and processed junk foods as the oils will be harmful to your skin. Eat poultry in variety, as it will help you have beautiful hair. Have a lot of fruits because they are naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals.


Everyone treasures their hair; it is one of the most physically attractive and visible features. As such the more careful you are with your hair the better it will be for your appearance as well as self-confidence. So treat and pamper your hair with vitamins and a good healthy diet along with natural hair care products.

Photo Credit: Worldofhair.com