5 Best Hair Fall Treatments

Essential Hair Fall Treatments

Hair loss is getting very common now a days. It can happen to men as well as women. Too much hair fall leads to temporary or even permanent baldness. Baldness is becoming regular in young boys and girls as well. So it gets very important to cure hair fall as early as possible to avoid baldness. Causes of hair loss can be improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking. Heredity is also responsible for baldness due to excessive hair loss in some cases. Now days the hectic lifestyle and stress also causes hair to fall.

Given below are five hair fall treatments that cure hair fall effectively

Egg oil

Egg has been used as a hair fall treatment for a very long time, in many countries in Asia. Egg should be included in daily diet. It nourishes the scalp and makes it healthy which in turn stimulates hair growth and stops hair from falling. Egg also makes hair thicker and silky. It heals damage of hair due to products containing chemicals. You can use egg oil or organic products containing egg oil.

egg oil

Anti Androgens

Hair loss may occur in women due to excess secretion of male hormones. It can be controlled by taking anti androgen pills or supplements that suppress male hormone secretion and stops hair fall.

anti androgen pills

Hair Transplant

Transplantation of hair makes hair dense. It does not actually promote hair growth. In this process, hair plugs are surgically transplanted on the scalp on which hair is scarce or that is bald. The process may take a number of sittings if baldness is more and it is also an expensive process.

Hair Transplantation

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements are effective in hair loss cure. Vitamin B supplements and iron helps stop hair falling and promotes hair growth. Consult a doctor before consuming vitamin supplements.

Vitamin Supplements


Homeopathy is effective in encouraging hair growth and stopping hair fall. Homeopathic treatments take longer as medicine is provided in small doses for long duration. But it has very good results.

Homeopathy Pills

These hair fall treatments are effective to stop hair loss with lasting effects. Choose the one that suits you and notice healthy, fuller hair in sometime.