5 Best Decoration Ideas For Your Garden

Best Decoration Ideas For Your Garden

If you are shifting into a new house or want to redesign your existing garden into something more colorful, chirpy and beautiful then you need to think out of box. Planting regular trees, shrubs, plants and grass will definitely give your garden serenity but will not make it attractive in a contemporary way.

Whereas along with plantation if you pay attention on some garden accessories and their appropriate place in your garden then it can dramatically change the look of your garden. Here are some nice decoration ideas for your garden.

Decoration Ideas For Garden

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic Pots  For Your Garden

Ceramic pots, blue pottery and other colorful jugs and pots instantly lift up the mood of your garden. Buy them in various colors and plant in them some small flower plants like parchulaka, alfalfa, daffodils, Asiatic dayflower, etc. and place them all together in one corner of your garden. This beautiful trajectory of colors will instantly draw attention and will make a nice decoration piece for outdoors.

Garden Fountains

Fountains For Your Garden

Garden fountains are another fabulous idea for adorning big gardens. Placing a huge water fountain can make a dramatic change in the look of your garden. You can add interesting features in your garden fountain like colorful lights or musical fountain as per your budget. Some musical fountains have ‘Shlokas’ (Sanskrit hymns/chants) as their music and they create a very serene and spiritual vibration in the mornings and evenings. Ideal for people who have a spiritual bent of mind.


Statues For Your Garden

If you have a huge landscape to design then placing a huge statue in one corner of the garden will give it a very different look. You can choose from ethnic themes based statues or from contemporary designs as per your taste. I have seen gardens where people have erected beautiful statues of Lord Buddha in a meditative pose, A dancing pose of an Indian lady from Khajuraho caves and dancing elephants. They all look so majestic and out of the world around the plants. To highlight the statue you can place some pots of beautiful ferns and crotons. Placing flower pots may not be a good idea because it will draw the attention away from the statue.

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Adequate Seating Arrangement

Adequate Seating Arrangement For Your Garden

If your garden provides a breathtaking view and does not provide adequate sitting place for the onlookers then its beauty is going waste. You need to make adequate seating arrangement in the garden to enjoy its beauty and your morning cuppa of tea. Buy a set of 4 chairs and a table along with a garden umbrella for your garden and erect in a corner on in the center to enjoy its beauty.

Bird Bath Tubs

Bird Bath Tubs For Your Garden

In a green and beautiful garden birds are bound to come to share with you bounties of nature. Birds themselves make a great accompaniment for any garden. In fact without birds a garden may look like something without soul. So, to invite more and more birds and to make your garden resonate with their tweets and chirps buy some hanging pots for birds’ bathing, eating and drinking. Fill some of them with water to the brim for their drinking and others with little less water for their bathing. Always keep the feeding bowl full with grain. Soon, your garden will become lively with birds and butterflies.