5 Best Anti Aging Secrets

Best Anti Aging Secrets

Appearance of aging signs is a very common and natural phenomenon. But owing to its visually ill effects, everyone wants to delay their exhibition as much as possible. Following are some of the anti-aging secrets that can help to serve your cause and slow down the clock of aging.

These Are Best Anti Aging Secrets

Egg Yolk

Egg provides a great solution to hair thinning and breakage problems associated with aging. Application of a hair mask consisting of egg yolk with lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil for 15 minutes; strengthens and conditions your hair through its rich source of nutrients and vitamins.

Egg Yolk And Olive Oil

Green Tea

Green tea is absolutely loaded with anti-aging antioxidants known as EGCG that helps to fight aging sign problems such as wrinkles and also increases cell turnover. Application of a face pack composed of green tea brewed white tea; aids in combating these age related problems and plumps your skin with defensive antioxidants.

Preparation with green tea powder


Ginger with its age-old known anti-aging attributes, primarily owing to its rich content of antioxidant called Gingerol; aids in giving protection against collagen breakdown associated with aging. Consumption of a couple of slices of raw ginger everyday or enjoying 2-3 warm cups of ginger tea mixed with some honey gives that wholesome anti-aging benefits to fight aging sign problems.


Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is great in preventing the appearance of aging signs. Regular consumption of grapes or opting for grape seed extract supplement aids the skin by strengthening the skin elasticity by providing protection to the constituent collagen and elastin protein fibres. In addition, it also helps to fight problems caused by free radicals through its rich antioxidant reserves.

Grape Seed Extract

Lemon Juice

Our hands are one of the primarily sites that exhibits our age and spoils the age hiding efforts as its skin gets more prone to losing its fullness and elasticity with every passing year. Scrubbing your hands with lemon juice along with undissolved sugar; acts very efficiently in fighting the cause with lemon juice providing its rich source of anti aging alpha hydroxy acid and the sugar crystals acting as an exfoliant to peel off dull dead skin cells and aiding subsequent moisturizations to penetrate the skin better.

Lemon Juice

Many people opt for expensive and invasive route of going under the knife; to satisfy their cravings of having an ageless look. But resorting to some natural ingredients, like the ones mentioned above, can well provide results that pretty similar to those obtained by the tedious procedure mentioned above.