5 Beauty Things You Should Never Share

5 Beauty Things You Should Never Share

While getting ready for a girls’ night out or friend’s wedding sharing your lipstick or eye make-up with your bestie is common affair and we all do it often. Though we say sharing is caring but it is not true always as sharing certain products may lead to different skin disorders like skin infection or herpes or serious health issues like hepatitis or even HIV, scary enough isn’t it? Hence precaution is always better than cure and it is like two ways precautions that it not only prevents those diseases occurring to you but also ceases the transmission of germs from your body to others. So your bff also won’t mind accepting it. Now lets see what are the beauty products that you should be keep off from sharing.

Here Are The 5 Beauty Products You Must Not Share:

Eye Make-up Products:

Keep off sharing eye make-up tools as mascara or eyelash curler etc. because our eyelashes and eye-lids is a prone to bacterial development. The reason is that they don’t have few layers to prevent bacterial infection as your skin have, so your eyes like to have various eye-infections easily as conjunctivitis, pink eye or herpes etc.

Eye Make-up Products

Make-up Brushes:

Stop sharing make-up brushes as these brushes get moisten with make-up and we all know that humid places are the breeding grounds for bacteria. So when you borrow someone’s make-up brush or give yours to others you are paving the way for bacterial or fungal infection.

Make-up Brushes

Hair Brushes:

Head lice are pretty annoying and embarrassing too and it spreads too easily, that’s why you might have faced it once when you were a school kid. But it can also occur now and one of the easiest ways is via hair brush. Apart from lice, different scalp related issues like scalp infection, dandruff etc. Make sure to clean hair brushes regularly and stop sharing them with anyone.

Hair Brushes


Your mouth is exposed to millions of bacteria everyday and is prone to bacterial infection. So when you exchange lipstick or lip-gloss, which are damp products means store-house for bacteria, you easily to have or transmit diseases like cold sores or herpes etc. So say No to Lipstick or lip-gloss sharing to keep off the diseases.



Cuts or bruise during shaving is a common factor and often your razors stores the traces of blood particles which even stays after washing. Hence sharing razors can lead to blood-transmitted disease like Hepatitis C or even HIV.