5 Beauty Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Are Pregnant


You must definitely take care of yourself and your skin during pregnancy; it must certainly not be ignored. However some basic precautions must be taken and are a must during pregnancy. Let’s have a look at some basic beauty mistakes which must be avoided while you are pregnant.

List Of 5 Beauty Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Are Pregnant

Avoid Hair Products Containing Strong Chemicals

Strong chemicals tend to enter the body through pores in the skin and scalp. These chemicals might affect and harm the unborn baby. Therefore it is strongly advised that chemical hair products must be avoided. These include chemicals used during permanent straightening procedures, some kind of chemical hair treatments like keratin etc. Colouring and bleaching of hair must also be avoided as much as possible.


Use Of Chemical And Strong Fragrance Bathing Products

Some of the Bathing products contain chemicals which might enter the body via skin pores as a large surface is exposed to them. Also fragrant chemical skin products tend to make your skin dry removing its natural moisture; this increases itching during the skin stretch increasing the stretch marks making them even worse. Thus it is best to stick with products that are herbal and less chemical in nature.

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Use Of Certain Nail Products

Some of the nail products contain chemicals which can enter the skin and therefore the body. Exactly which constituents that are not known but it is seen that they cause harm. The agents like top-coat, base coat, nail paint remover etc contain volatile skin substances which evaporate and enter your blood. Thus it is best when chemical means of nail care is avoided during pregnancy.



Bleaching products contain peroxide and ammonia which can seriously affect the foetus. Thus chemical hair bleaching and skin bleaching both should be strictly avoided during those nine months. You should also avoid closed salons where such chemicals are being used on others, as even fumes can enter your body.


Getting A tattoo

Getting a permanent tattoo involves using some chemical inks and needles. This might result in transmission of certain viruses into the body which can lead to diseases like hepatitis, HIV etc. It is best to avoid getting a tattoo done during pregnancy and also during lactation as a preventive measure.


The general idea is to avoid chemicals as much as you can and use natural and herbal beauty products.