5 Adverse Effects Of Hair Smoothening

Adverse Effects Of Hair Smoothening

Beautiful hairs add beauty to a women’s appearance. Smooth and silky hairs have been the desire of every single woman. There are various natural and cosmetic beauty treatments available which helps you make your dream come true. One of these hair treatments which are getting very popular among girls and women is Hair smoothing. Though it gives your hair straightened and silky look but can also harm your hairs. One must be aware of all the side effects of any beauty treatment before getting it done. This article focuses on the side effects of this treatment.

These Are Adverse Effects Of Hair Smoothening

Dizziness, Nausea And Vision Disorder

Hair smoothing procedure involves use of harsh chemicals which can lead to dizziness and nausea. As eyes are closer to the head, so eyes are very much impacted and vulnerable with the effect of these chemicals. A person can feel some discomfort due to the burning sensation in the eyes and itching sensation in the larynx.


Weakens Fingers And Impact Scalp

Hair smoothening procedure involves lots of handwork especially fingers. This makes the muscles of your fingers weak and can also lead to inflammation of the middle area of your scalp.

helps dry scalp

Oily, Brittle And Thin Hair

To smooth your hairs chemicals are applied onto your scalp which adversely affect your hairs and scalp. The roots of your hairs become loose and give rise to hair falling. So your hair weakens and density of your hairs becomes less.

Crown Cut For Thinning Hair

Skin Issues And Lung Problems

Not just scalp, eyes and hairs are affected but the damaging effect of this treatment also impacts skin and lungs problems. Hair smoothing treatment uses a special chemical compound called ldehyde which has makes the epidermis layer of the skin coarse, itchy and red. With these harmful substances you can also feel difficulty in breathing problems and other respiratory issues.

Skin Itching and Irritation

White Flakes On The Scalp And Hairs

This has been the most common and irritating problem with which lots of men and women suffers. This is dandruff. There are various reasons for the development of dandruff on the scalp and one of them is chemicals. These chemicals damage the soft skin of the scalp and leave it cracked and flaky.

White Flakes On The Scalp And Hairs

Well natural treatments are the best but if you are going for cosmetic treatments then be cautious about any type of beauty treatment of all the short term and long term side effects of that treatment. This helps you save from unwanted consequences.