4 Striking Eye Make Up Trends

Striking Eye Make Up Trends

The urge to have flawlessly beautiful eyes attracts almost every woman towards the magical world of makeup. Eye makeup is an integral part of a woman’s day to day look. However, gone are the times when eye makeup was confined to use of earthy and subtle shades. Be it the bright hues like olive green or the bold metallic eye shadows, young women are willing to experiment with all of them.

Having a bundle of eye makeup palettes and kits does not guarantee an epitome look.The entire look depends upon the intensity of the colors used and on the fact, whether they are in trend or not. In order to unfold the secret of the immaculate eye makeup, here is a detailed look at some of the most striking eye makeup trends.

Eye Make Up Trends

Metallic Look

Metallic Look For Eye Make Up

We saw a boom in fashion industry with the introduction of metallic shoes, wallets and dresses. What followed these trends are the metallic eye shadows. No matter if you have a dusky skin tone or a milky white complexion, metallic eye shadows are sure to enchant beauty through your eyes. Selling like hot cakes, we have the silver metallic shade. This sophisticated shade adds an oomph factor that is far superior to any other color. If you have a dark complexion, then this is your color girl! Other trending colors in the metallic shade chart are steel gray, bronze and the dazzling gold color. Depending upon the moods, choose the right shade and flaunt the ‘just perfect’ metallic look.

Playing With Different Colors

Different Colors For Eye Make Up

Playing with two different colors is experimental and trendy at the same time. To pull the right look, you need to choose the colors wisely. Some contrasting combinations that you can try on are lime green with dusty brown, rose pink with copper and smoky gray with blue. The trick is to apply the lighter shade on the water line, the lower lash line and the inner lid. While the darker shade should be applied only over the upper lash line. In case you have big almond shaped eyes, you can give a touch of the darker shade over the crease too.

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Bright Blooming Look

Bright Blooming Look For Eye Make Up

Be it the hot summers or the chilly winters, vivid and vibrant colors undoubtedly rule the fashion block. The foremost color to adorn is the nature’s favorite, green color. Add a pop of olive green & ombre green to your look with the help of eye shadows and eyeliners. Another color that is topping make up charts is electric blue. Adding a splash of electric blue eye shadow or a tint of blue liner is all that you need to electrify your look. For those who are dying to flaunt a perky and flirty look, add a dash of yellow and orange color. Although these colors may sound uncommon, they actually brighten up the eyes and are perfect for day makeup. To get the right intensity, apply a single layer of eye shadow at first.

All That Glitters 

Glitters For Eye Make Up

Those who are not that fond of the matte look, can always dwell over glittery eye shadows. Add a dash of sparkles and gloss to your eyes with various glitter based eye shadows. While the cosmetic barons are launching multiple color palettes from time to time, here are the best glitter colors you may choose from – pristine white, peach, orange, pistachio, lilac and not to forget the all time favorite brown. For a more enhanced and glittery look, you can get cream based glitter eye shadows. However, buying them may turn out expensive as these are available in individual palette and jar.Since now, you are well versed with what is topping the charts, go ahead and flaunt them by adding your own variations.