4 Effective Tips To Get Babies To Take Longer Naps

getting babies to take a longer nap

getting babies to take a longer nap Getting your baby to take longer naps helps in two ways. Firstly, the baby which naps during the day remains happy and satisfied, does not create much fuss and sleeps restfully and soundlessly; Secondly, the mother get the vital window to get on with all the necessary household chores while the baby is napping.

Napping is extremely vital for the physical and mental growth of your baby.

Tips for Getting Babies to Take a  Longer Nap

Set the Time Table

Observe the napping pattern of your baby as it may vary according to the age and other parameters. Once you get the wind of the correct napping pattern for your baby you may set the time table accordingly. Make it take the all-important nap at the right time on a regular basis. Once the pattern is set you won’t have any problem in getting your baby take the rightful amount of nap for a longer while. Any earlier and a lot of fuss is required and any later and the baby will be too much tired out to nap off, so it is important to do it at the exact time every day, based on its particular napping habit.

Create the Perfect Environment

A soothing and conducive environment helps you baby to take a longer nap. Keep a dimmed out calm and peaceful surrounding in the crib area so the baby is not disturbed while taking the nap. Also, it is important to provide the same napping area and paraphernalia to gradually familiarize your baby with the nap time. So that it falls asleep at the drop of the hat once it enters the napping zone.

Make the Baby Comfortable

Only a baby who is completely satiated and at peace with itself may take a longer and undisturbed nap. Ensure this by checking out that the baby has its belly full and a completely dry diaper to keep it comfortable. Hunger pangs and wetness may result in a rude awakening both for you and the baby. Make sure that all is well with the baby before making it take the nap.

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Also, keep phones and every kind of noise making machines — including your pet — out of the vicinity. All the disturbing elements need to be curbed if you want your baby to nap for a longer while.

Sooth if the Baby Wakes Up

If the baby wakes up in the middle of the nap do not take it away from the sleeping area. Wait for a while to see if you can make it resume the interrupted nap. Soothing words and a calm voice can do the trick, get its attention and tell that ‘the nap time is not over yet, it’s still too early and you should go back to napping again and dream on’. You may also resort to physical comfort like a little reassuring pat that says ‘everything is all right and mommy is beside you, now nap on’.