4 Easy Steps To Help Your Child Overcome Fear

4 Easy Steps To Help Your Child Overcome Fear

4 Easy Steps To Help Your Child Overcome Fear A common dialogue that we hear most of the times is that a family is never complete if there is no child. But is this the right way to look at a happy family picture? Is it enough to just have a child in between a husband and wife?

Is it not vital to know the right techniques of parenting, so that the child grows up healthily and happily? It is much more essential to know the right way to handle a kid and discipline him or her than to simply have a child. Perfect parents are those who understand the pulse of their kids and know how to tackle them.

Parents undertake quite a lot of ways in order to make kids obey to whatever the parents want. Sometimes these methods are right for their children while in certain cases they are extremely harmful. These forms of treatments can often make the children suffer, not only mentally, but physically too. Among the various forms of punishment like beating, scolding, abusing etc. what most prominent thing parents adopt quite often is to frighten their children.

The father and mother often gets ‘extremely imaginative’ and put ‘life’ to imaginary or inanimate creatures like ghosts, demons, wear wolves etc. Even the parents know that there are no such things as the ones they create for their children. But, the innocent kids start to believe them strongly and get frightened enough to do whatever their parents want them to do.  Similar are the cases when the parents frighten their kids with things that are otherwise totally harmless such as animals, shadows etc. or even the police, old beggars etc.

What the parents gain at the end of the day is that the kids become ‘faithful’ simply out of fear. But they do not realize how damaging these exhibitions of fear are, for the young minds. The children remain coward and shaky even when they grow up, making them unconfident towards life.

When this is the case with some kids and their parents, there are other children too, who are born coward. They get afraid even at the most trivial thing. This fear remains within them even when they become adults, making matters worse. So, good parenting says that you should not do anything that brings about mental and physical disturbances in your kids. Together with this, it is your duty to attempt at driving out any weakness that your child might have, so that he or she is confident enough to face the world boldly after growing up to be an adult.

Therefore, we will talk about some great yet convenient tips that the parents can follow to help their children overcome fear of any sorts.

Never Follow The Wrong Method Of Treatment For Your Kid

The most vital thing that parents must realize is that, while attempting to discipline your kid, you should never use any method that can be frightful.

4 Easy Steps To Help Your Child Overcome Fear

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That way, you might gain in the initial stages, but just think the harm you are causing to your innocent kid. There are other methods of treatment for you kid, which are much healthy. Follow them instead.

Never Entertain Imaginary Stories Or Situations That Arouse Fear

Children have the habit of keeping certain things in their minds as concrete. One such thing is fear. So, never encourage stories of ghosts, aliens or anything that are sure to arouse fear in children. They will keep on thinking about those whenever they are alone, or whenever they are in darkness and grow even more coward, thinking about whatever you told, over and over again. They have imaginative minds. So they would even try to imagine things more frightful on the basis of whatever you related.

Not only telling them horror-stories, but even restrict them from any sort of illogical discussions at home. Discourage any television shows or movies that create fear in them. If you find any other members of your family telling such stories or showing such shows to your kid, instruct them that you do not like it all and they should stop doing so.

Talk To Your Child And Explain The Illogical Aspect Of Such Fear

Children love to be referred to as ‘brave’. So capitalize on this characteristic of your kid too. Say repeatedly that she or he is so brave that there is nothing that can frighten him or her. The kid is so powerful that he or she can drive out fear and fear arousing agents like ghosts, demons etc with a blow. It is also your duty to explain to your child the illogicality behind such fears. For instance, if your kid is afraid of inanimate things like gnomes, pixies, ghosts, etc. explain to them with proper logic that such things are only imaginations and do not exist at all.

In case if your child is afraid of people or objects he or she comes across everyday, such as dogs, cats, dressed policemen, teachers at school, then you should treat the matter in a different way. Tell them that these objects or persons are absolutely harmless. If possible, create situations once in a while when your kid gets in direct confrontation with these objects or persons. For instance, visit a zoo with your kid sometimes or have a friendly chat to the police officer you often see in your locality, to make your child realize that his or her fear is baseless.

Handle Trauma In Children In A Wise Way

Other than your exhibition of fear or the kid’s inherent fear for something, there might even be situations that have created a trauma in the mind of your kid. For instance, a child who might have burnt his or her hand in the kitchen fire may get afraid even when he or she hears the whistle of the pressure cooker in the kitchen. You, as parent, have to be very careful and efficient in helping your child get out of such a trauma, if any. Instead of recapitulating whatever happened, in the normal way, present a different angle of the same incident in front of your kid.

For instance, in case of a deadly kitchen fire accident your kid has been through, instead of telling the incident the way it happened, change its angle. Modify its way by saying how bravely your child fought the fire and did not scream and cry much like ordinary, coward children. Doing such things will assist your kid overcome the trauma, thinking that indeed he or she is brave and a special one.