4 Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Busy People

Low Maintenance Hairstyles

A sassy hairstyle can add a whole new dimension to an individual’s personality. A smart new hairdo can make even a plain Jane look like a super star. So, its time to bring out your hidden persona and show the world the girl you really are with that brand new hairstyle.

A chic hairstyle can make people look attractive and boost their inner confidence like never before. However, a smart hairstyle should not drain your pocket or eat into your time, especially if you juggle a whole load of activities in a day. If you are looking for a modish hairdo which will make you look like a celebrity in a jiffy, go in for a low maintenance hairstyle.

Low Maintenance Hairstyles

As the name indicates, low maintenance hairstyles are hairdos which are easy to maintain. Low maintenance hairstyle is the answer to every busy woman’s prayers. These hairstyles can make you look effortlessly elegant without having to spend a huge amount of time setting, gelling, combing, and blow drying your hair.

Given below are some super cute and elegant hairstyles which can make you look like a diva in minutes.

The Layer Cut

Layer Haircut

The layer cut is a fabulous low maintenance hairstyle that looks good on all hair types. Women will fine or thin hair should definitely go in for this hairstyle, as this hairdo is not only easy to maintain but can add beautiful volume to the hair. If you have poker straight medium length hair, you can go in for simple straight layers. The layer cut is such a low maintenance hairstyle, that all it takes is a simple wash and blow dry, to make you look like a million bucks throughout the day. This evergreen hairstyle works well for a day at the office or a night out with your friends.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cut hairstyle is a super cute,  low maintenance hairstyle. Natalie Portman sported this hairdo and she became an instant hit with the paparazzi. Pixie cut is a youthful hairstyle that is elegant and playful all at once. However, this effortless hairstyle works best on petite women with a defined facial structure.

Pixie Cut

The Fringe

The fringe is a versatile hairstyle which can be coupled with short, medium or long hair to get a girly look. Women with high foreheads should definitely get a fringe as it helps to reduce the facial length and gives a softer, more feminine appearance.

The fringe makes a woman look instantly youthful. To maintain the length of the fringe and avoid an unkempt look, a monthly visit to the hairdresser is a must.

Fringe Haircut

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The Scrunch

This hairstyle works best on women who have wavy hair. This hairdo does not require even a visit to the parlor and is ideal for bad hair days.

To get the prefect scrunch, simply wet your hair, apply a little hair gel to it and run your fingers through your hair while simultaneously scrunching it. This super sexy hairstyle is ideal for a day out with friends.

Scrunch Haircut

The best way to embrace your hair’s natural texture is to go in for a low maintenance hairstyle. These hairstyles keep the natural hair strong and healthy, as an overload of styling agents are not being used to keep the hair in place. So, the next time you visit the hair salon request the hairdresser to give you a low maintenance hair cut.

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