3 Ways To Delay Menstrual Cycle

Ways To Delay Menstrual Cycle

The monthly menstrual cycle unleashes a lot of pain, discomfort and emotional turmoil in women. While the monthly menstrual cycle is a natural, healthy way to keep the body’s hormone levels in check, most women consider their monthly menstrual cycle a curse. Especially for women who have hectic often exacting schedules, juggling the responsibility of a family and a demanding career, the monthly menstrual period can throw their highly organized lives totally out of gear.


The monthly menstrual cycle is the natural way of getting a woman’s body ready for pregnancy.  During a menstrual period, the thick and nutrient dense endometrial layer, which lines the walls of the female reproductive organ called the uterus, is discarded. Once the old endometrial layer is discarded a new lining grows in its place.

Delaying a Menstrual Period

There are many reasons for women wanting to delay their menstrual period. Women may want to delay their menstrual period as it may complicate their plans for an intimate getaway with their partner, their honeymoon plans or impede long cherished travel plans.

A few simple ways to delay the monthly menstrual cycle have been discussed in this article.

Birth Control Pills

One of the easiest ways to delay your menstrual period is to take birth control pills. Birth control pills come in packets of 28 pills. Of these, 21 pills help to prevent ovulation as they contain active synthetic hormones such as progestin and estrogen. The other seven pills which are present in the birth control strip are inactive pills or placebos. Women who are taking the last seven pills on the birth control strip or the inactive pills will normally experience menstrual bleeding.

Birth Control Pills

To stop or delay the menstrual period a woman can follow the stacking method. The stacking method of birth control basically refers to taking twenty one days of active birth control pills, throwing away the rest of the pack containing the inactive pills and immediately starting a new pack of birth control pills. By eliminating the inactive period, a woman can skip her monthly menstrual period completely.

Women who take birth control pills constantly will only have four, instead of the twelve normal menstrual cycles in a year.


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A natural way to delay menstrual cycle is to breastfeed your new born infant exclusively.  Breastfeeding infants can actually delay or suppress menstrual cycle in women. When a woman breastfeeds her infant (who is younger than six months) exclusively, it leads to the release of a hormone called prolactin which can effectively suppress the release of reproductive hormones.

If your baby is older than six months, you need to breast feed the child at least eight times a day, to keep the levels of ovulation suppressant hormones high.


Progesterone Cream

Another simple way to delay menstrual periods is to use progesterone cream. The menstrual period begins as soon as a dip in progesterone levels is detected by the body. To keep the body progesterone levels high, 15-24 ml of progesterone cream should be applied daily on those regions of the skin where people tend to blush naturally.

Progesterone Cream

Sustained application of progesterone cream is an effective and safe way to delay menstrual periods.

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