3 Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe- A Famous Home Remedy For You And Your Family

golden milk

Are you suffering from common cold or cough? Worried with headaches or body pain? Suffering from insomnia from couple of days? Are you worried with joint pains or Arthritis? Then Turmeric milk will be an excellent home remedy for all of your problems.

How To Make Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe

Turmeric Milk As A Home Remedy

Turmeric Milk is a well known famous home remedy. It works as a natural solution for various physical problems. Turmeric milk comprises with the medicinal properties of turmeric and the goodness of milk. It is used as an herbal remedy from the ancient times and it is literally a recipe of our grand mothers. Turmeric is a famous herb for its numerous medicinal benefits which comes with natures touch.

Turmeric milk

Benefits Of Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk is very good for relief in common cough and cold as because of antibacterial properties of turmeric and also gives you benefits in preventing Hepatitis as because of the same reason. Turmeric milk is rich in analgesic properties thus also work as a pain remover in headaches and in different types of body pain due to fatigue. It has excellent effect in menstrual cramps for relieving it naturally without any harmful effect. If you are suffering from insomnia don’t go for the medicine; else try turmeric milk before you go to bed. Turmeric milk gives excellent result in joint pains and arthritis. Turmeric is well known for the antibacterial properties and thus this remedy uniquely purifies your blood.

Turmeric Milk Recipe


Milk 1 glass, Turmeric 1 pinch, Sugar 1-2 tea spoon, Black Pepper powder 1-2 pinch.



Take a deep thick bottomed pan and boil the milk. Now add the sugar as per your taste and in a low flame boil the milk again for 10-15 minutes. But it is preferred to add minimum salt in turmeric milk as it is one type of medicine. If you want you may add a pinch of coarsely grinded black pepper powder in it when the milk is boiling, but be careful about the quantity when you are adding pepper to milk. Now remove it from the flame and allow it to be cool. Drink it soon as it is warm.


Note: Do not use much turmeric it will make the tea bitter. Also use limited black pepper unless the taste will get spoiled.The recipe is so easy. Try it to make it your own.