3 Triggers Of Liver Cyst And 3 Methods Of Cure

3 triggers of liver cyst and 3 methods of cure

3 triggers of liver cyst and 3 methods of cure Liver is one of the major organs of the human system that plays a major role in the process of digestion. From among every organ of the body, majority of the people are concerned about their liver.

They would keep nothing undone when it comes down to the protection of their liver against any sort of diseases. They sometimes adhere to natural remedies to keep their liver healthy and fit. They perform exercises on a regular basis to ensure that their liver is well protected. They get alarmed at any slightest problem that might occur in their body. Even any health problem that might have a connection to the liver, also makes them worried.

Liver cyst is among one such ailments of the liver, the most prominent among many other diseases of the same. Cyst in liver is a small or medium sized structure, which resembles a sack. It is sometimes filled with pus and other fluids or fleshy and semi solid material. These develop on the outside portion of the liver.

These liver cysts are of varying nature. Some of them are hepatic in nature, which are more or less harmless most of the times. There can be occurrences of poly-cystic liver conditions. There can also be conditions called ‘Cystadenoma’, when the liver cysts start spreading everywhere in the body. They can also be malignant in nature at times. But, the most vital and positive thing to know about liver cysts are, that in majority of the cases, they are harmless. Their sizes are also quite smaller.

But, there are times when some of the cysts or any particular of them grows in size or remains as it is but starts to cause discomfort. Such discomforts can be excessive pain in the liver, fever, stomach cramps, abdominal pain, jaundice etc. These are times when the cysts become infectious. Then treatments are required to cure them. Such treatments can be sometimes surgery or at other times medication.

Causes of Cysts in Livers

There are various causes that lead to the formation or development of cysts in the liver. Let us have an idea of some of the factors.

Congenital Presence of Cyst

Formation and development of one or a number of cysts inside the liver have a congenital history at times. In order to explain this in details we can say that by the term ‘congenital’, medical science means, liver cysts are present in some individuals since the time of their birth.

These liver cysts, which are present inside human body since their birth, in most of the cases, are harmless. A medical estimation suggests that about 95% of the people, who were born with liver cysts inside their system, are unaware of such presences at all. Those can only be felt when it causes problems. But, that too is found only in about 4 to 5 % of cases.

Polycystic Liver Disease

Another important cause that leads to the formation of cysts in the liver is the polycystic liver disease. This is one of the major health conditions when there is growth of cysts in the internal organs all over the body. It affects and develops cysts in the liver in the form of small clusters.

3 triggers of liver cyst and 3 methods of cure

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These develop in size over time, in a really massive rate and may even spread to other vital organs of the body. This is one of the serious conditions where treatment is extremely necessary.

Cyst Formation Due to Infections

There can be infections that encourage the growth of infectious cysts inside the liver. There is parasitical growth inside the body, known as Echinococcus multilocularis. It is a type of tapeworm that infects the liver, in the first place, along with the other parts of the body. After sometimes, when the infected liver develops cysts, they get filled up with such parasites and their larvae. These parasites are found mostly in places where cattle like pigs and cows are raised.

People, who stay in such places or visit such areas often, get mostly affected with this form of liver cyst. The larvae of the tapeworm are present in the litter of the cattle and the soil of the area. These larvae enter the human body at the time of bowel clearance in the open spaces and through the cracks of their feet, if they walk bare foot. Then they hatch to form the parasites that grow inside the body with time.

Treatments of Liver Cyst

While most of the harmless cysts do not need to be removed from the body at all, those causing problems are supposed to be treated immediately. Some of the typical forms of liver cyst removal are given below for your reference.

Removal Through Surgery

In certain conditions, when the state of the patient suffering from liver cyst becomes quite critical, doctors suggest surgery, to remove the cysts permanently from the body of the sufferer. One such case is when liver cyst occurs as a result of Echinococcus granulosus. Earlier back, it was done by slitting the portion of the skin and flesh, just on top of the liver, to drill out the cysts.

But now, it is done by laparoscopic method when incisions are made in the abdomen. From one a camera is inserted to trace the proceedings of the surgery. From the other one or two such incisions, medical equipments required for the surgery are inserted.

Liver Transplantation

This is one of the most serious types of treatment. It is generally associated with the formation of liver cysts as a result of polycystic liver diseases or similar such conditions like liver cancer. The effected portion of the liver in dissected and removed permanently, in such sorts of treatment. Otherwise, there remain the chances of a second occurrence of a similar condition.

Drainage System of Removal

This is one of the easiest ways of removal of the cyst. In this process a needle is inserted into the cyst, through the abdomen. By this needle the cyst is punctured and the fluid is ejected out. Consequently, the cyst, which is devoid of any fluid inside now, shrinks and gets reduced in size in the later stages. Finally, it gets vanished.