3 Simple Tips To Control Diabetes

Simple Tips To Control Diabetes

Understanding the illness is the key to dealing or curing it. Type II diabetes is often called non- insulin dependent diabetes as in this condition the body produces insulin but it does not use it adequately or the quantity is not enough for glucose synthesis. This glucose then instead of getting absorbed by the cells backs up to the blood stream creating other health complications.

In people who are genetically predisposed to diabetes, obesity is considered to be the trigger to this condition. If not diagnosed and treated at the right time diabetes can give rise to complications like heart attacks, kidney failure, retinopathy and nerve damage and skin rupture due to poor blood circulation. Unlike type I diabetes a healthy life style management cannot avoid insulin dependency to a large extent in type II diabetes.

Tips To Control Diabetes

Dietary Changes

white sugars

Avoid the’ white foods ‘which includes, white sugars, white flour and high fat cream. Saturated fats need to be avoided at any cost. Foods that are rich in such fats are ghee, hydrogenated oils, butter and margarine. Olive oil is recommended by physicians a better option, but in moderation. Avoid junk foods, processed foods, fried foods, pastries, bakery products and any preserved foods like jams and pickles.

Drink lots of water and not aerated and canned drinks. These dinks even the diet variety can drastically alter sugar levels. Include a lot of multigrain and whole grain foods in your diet like unhusked rice, whole wheat atta and ragi. Omega -3 fatty acids have proven health benefits in treatment of diabetes. They are found in fish oil and fish products. Flax seed and fenugreek seed are also a have proven benefits in the treatment of diabetes. Avoid excessive intake of coffee and tea. Try healthier substitutes like green tea or other herbal teas.

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Lifestyle Changes

Avoid Alcohol

Smoking and Alcohol consumption do not go well with diabetes. Smoking reduces the oxygen supply in the body. Glucose synthesis is as such in a slow pace in a diabetic person, if he smokes then the metabolism becomes more hampered. Alcohol increases the risk of hypoglycemia where in the sugar level falls drastically. Consumption of alcohol in an empty stomach can even be fatal for a diabetic person. Make physical activity part of your lifestyle. Exercising for at least 20 minutes a day helps in controlling rising sugar levels. The level and type of physical activity depends up on your convenience and other health specifications.



Do regular health checkups and keep track of your sugar levels. Follow the physician’s advice and take medication on time. Do not self medicate, even if there is a little variation make sure you inform your physician before you increase or decrease the dosage. Gangrene is a major threat for a diabetic. It occurs due to limited blood supply to the limbs or bacterial skin irritations and break outs. Always make sure your feet are clean and there is no sign of any breakouts. If not, immediately consult your physician as an unchecked gangrene attack can even lead to the amputation of the foot.Minor changes and precaution come a long way in treating and living with diabetes.