3 Hindrances To Normal Baby Development In The Womb

3 Hinders To Normal Baby Development In The Womb There are women who are blessed with multiple babies, all of whom are healthy and fit. On the other hand, there are women who do not have babies of their own, due to certain physical deficiencies of those women or their male partners.

Again, there are women who have babies, but they are sick and suffer from several juvenile diseases like Type II diabetes, asthma, bronchial problems, auto immune deficiencies etc.  There are some most unfortunate mothers too, who get pregnant but are trapped in the never ending circle of miscarriages.  They get pregnancy, yet thrive to get the ultimate motherhood.

Even, there are women who give birth to children who have severe abnormalities, suffer from several chromosomal diseases and are mentally retarded. Thus, it can be said that different women have different and characteristic relationship features with pregnancy. We cannot do much about the type of pregnancy we might have, neither can we predict how will be the baby we will be giving birth to. That is something to be reserved for the divine will.

Leaving the result of our pregnancy entirely to the discretion of God does not mean that you, who is the mother of the yet to be born baby, do not have any duty of your own. You are to be extremely cautious about the health of the baby inside your womb. There should be no stones unturned to ensure that you have taken proper measures to look into it that the growth of the baby inside you is going perfectly fine. You cannot lead a faulty lifestyle and blame everything to God. After you have done everything and followed everything as recommended during the time of pregnancy, you can wish for the best in return.

How will you know what are the factors that affect the healthy development of a baby inside your womb? Here are three of the most important ones that will guide you on the matter.

Factor No. 1: The Matured Age of the Mother

Women attain fertility at the age of thirteen onwards. But, the child bearing capacity of women ceases to stay after the age of forty five, in general. Actually, twelve to thirteen is the age when a girl gets transformed to a woman, with the occurrence of the first phases of menstruation. This is a phase marked by the development of the reproductive organs. Together with it, there is an enhanced secretion of the hormones like estrogen, progesterone and androgen.

Thus, the age of eighteen is the perfect time when the woman has fully developed reproductive organs, suitable for carrying a baby. This optimal baby carrying circumstance inside the woman’s womb remains at its peak till the age of thirty. But, after she crosses the age of thirty her body gradually ceases to be as effective as before, in fertilizing a baby, carrying it and delivering it healthily.

Hence, medical researches show that women who attain motherhood after the age of thirty are more in danger of giving birth to underdeveloped babies. From this stage onwards, an increase of every five years in the age of a woman makes the baby more vulnerable to several aliments and deformities. They get more susceptible to autism and chromosomal deformities.

Again, the father’s age is also important in this aspect. In case of an older father with a comparatively much younger mother, say in an age below thirty, chances of birth of underdeveloped babies remain strong.

Factor 2: Improper Diet and Faulty Food Habits

Medical researches have revealed that women, who have improper diet, are at risks of delivering underdeveloped and yet to be born babies. Several circumstances work at supplying impoverished nutrition to the would-be mothers. There can be financial constraints when, even though being aware of the effects of inadequate nutrition during pregnancy, the women cannot do anything about it.

3 Hinders To Normal Baby Development In The Womb

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In other cases, women are not aware of the food that they need to put special stress upon, during their pregnancy, which are effective for the healthy development of their babies. There are women, who are more attracted to junk food than having nutritious food, when they are expecting. They eat fast foods, many of which may contain mono sodium glutamate.

This gets transferred to her body and affect the brain development of the kid inside her uterus, severely. Again, some women consume fishes during this time, some of which contain mercury. This also sets a blow in the proper development of unborn child.

Diet that may lack in iron, iodine, calcium, vitamins proteins and folic acid may affect the baby inside the expecting mother. It may suffer from several disabilities like learning inadequacy, decreased IQ level than normal, delayed language development and motor skills, improper brain and body growth, malfunctioning and improper development of the bones and the spinal cord, behavioral difficulties and a lot more.

Factor 3: Harmful Addictions During Pregnancy

There are women who have harmful addictions, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, adherence to cocaine, marijuana etc. All these are extremely detrimental to the proper development of baby inside the womb. As it is, women continuing to have such addictions during child bearing days harm the baby immensely. Together with it, what is more alarming to know is that, women with extremely harmful addictions, continue to have their babies inside their womb exposed to dire situations even if they quit such addictions due to pregnancy.

Medical researches have shown the several harmful effects of addictions in the yet to be born children. These are being given here for your reference. It has been found that babies of women who smoke, have higher chances of having psychiatric problems in their childhood or may develop such problems when they reach their early adulthood, in cases when such things are not detected in childhood. This is due to deformed development of fetal brain. They can also suffer from eye disorders such as ‘cross eyes’ or strabismus.

Alcoholic mothers expose their kids causing hindrances in Normal Baby Development In The Womb, decreased level of concentration, underdeveloped motor functions, abnormal head and brain size, permanently defective central nervous system, etc.

Cocaine and marijuana leads to abnormality of the skull, known medically as ‘microcephaly’, which hinders the brain development and memory, speech and behavioral disorders.