3 DIY Healthy Kale And Apple Salad Recipes

Healthy Kale And Apple Salad Recipes

Two of the most healthiest ingredients that you can add to salads are apple and kale. Apple is known for many antioxidant benefits along with being high on minerals. Kale on the other hand is fibrous, aids digestion and is rich in iron along with vitamins. So if you are looking for a healthy and tasty recipe for your family, check out these three.

Here Are  Kale And Apple Salad Recipes

Kale And Apple Salad

This is a quick and rich salad made using kale, apple, nuts along with pecorino cheese. It is tasty and full of nutrients for the entire family.

kale salad

For The Dressing

Mix together about 3 tablespoons of lime juice along with same amount of extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and mix well.


For Salad

You will need about one bunch of washed and sliced kale. Slice one apple thinly, with the peel on. Take some dates, almonds or even walnuts along with some cheese to add taste. Mix together all of the ingredients well with the dressing. Serve cold.

Kale And Apple Salad

2. Kale And Apple With Feta

Healthy feta cheese is light on the palette and high on health. The combination of these fruits works great with vegetables like garlic and onions.


You will will need a bunch of sliced kale, one sliced apple, one small onion, 1 clove of grated garlic and salt to taste. For the dressing just toss together some apple cider vinegar with olive oil, grated garlic and salt. You can add lime juice if you want.

Kale And Apple With Feta Ingredients

How To Prepare

Mix together all of the ingredients well, including the onions. Let the dressing rest on the salad for at least 30 minutes. Then serve it cold with some feta cheese on top along with bread croutons.

Prepared kale apple salad

3. Tropical Kale Salad

This salad needs no dressing except a dash of lime. You can add your choice of ingredients but apple and kale should be a part of it.

Tropical Kale Salad


You will need a bunch of long and thinly sliced kale, a green sliced apple, pineapple, some berries and cherry tomatoes. Toss everything together and lime and salt. Garnish with some burnt ginger and toasted sunflower seeds.

cherry tomatoes

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