3 Creative And Exotic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your bedroom is undoubtedly the most important part of your home and a place where you are supposed to spend some of the most peaceful times of your life. So it is very important that you love the way you do up your bedroom.

Creative And Exotic Bedroom Decor

Oriental and exotic themes are a favorite with most young couples. If you like bright vibrant and opulent styles that are beyond the realms of the ordinary and average bedroom then exotic themed bedrooms are your thing!

Arabian Styled Exotic Bedroom Ideas

If you like all things Arabian and are heavily inspired by Aladdin then decorating your bedroom with Arabic elements are a wonderful option and will make your room look luxurious. Choose rich palettes for your walls. Arabians like richly colored walls in dark hues like wine, red and deep purple. If you have a small bedroom that has little natural light then color one or two walls in dark colors and highlight them. You can have a canopy style bed with rich silk drapes covering the bed and use cushions with Arab style murals to add to the luxurious appeal. A great way to add greatly to the appeal of Arab style bedroom is by adding luxurious Persian  carpets on the floors. Arabs value their carpets greatly and they are a very intricate part of Arabian culture. Buy the choicest Persian carpets to add to the opulence of your bedroom. You can add an interesting element to your room by using an ancient Arabic inscription on your walls and making it look more exotic. Use Arabian style masks and jugs to adorn your shelves and walls.

Arabian Styled Bedroom

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Indian Exoticism for Your Bedroom

Whenever you think of Asia and India, you associate it with the infinite cultural exoticism that India exudes. Bright and vibrant hues with deep cultural intonations define Indian exoticism. If you like vibrant and a trendy and eclectic mix of colors then Indian exotic style bedrooms is your style. Color the walls as your imagination permits you. You can add interesting and beautiful wallpapers with Indian motifs and murals to add to your Indian theme.  Add eco friendly earthen pots as your table lamps and they will look very earthy and calming. Use Rajasthani dolls and wall hangings to decorate the walls. If you can visit any Indian antique store then you can purchase some mirrors to adorn your walls.

Indian Exoticism for Your Bedroom

Exotic Victorian Style Bedrooms

The Victorian era was all about royalty and opulence and definitely luxury. Use opulent Victoria era inspired wallpapers to adorn your bedroom. Adorn your walls with Victorian era themed plates. Purchase a heavy wooden bed with an elaborate headboard so that every morning you can feel like royalty! Use wood generously in your bedroom to add the royal and inviting appeal that is associated with the Victorian era. Use heavy tapestry on your windows and add light and flowing materials for the curtains to let the natural light flood in. Decorate shelves with beautiful antique Victorian pieces like ornate vases and perfume bottles. You can add laces, bows and fringes to your upholstery to make it look more opulent and appealing.

Exotic Victorian Style Bedrooms