3 Amazing Tips To Whiten Your Teeth

Amazing Tips To Whiten Your Teeth

A beautiful smile can light up a face instantly and a sparkling set of teeth are essential for that million dollar smile. people spend a lot every year for teeth whitening products because yellow or discolored teeth can spell doom to your looks. The factors that contribute to teeth discoloration can be many – bad oral hygiene, medications, certain foods etc. If the discoloration has been for long, then you might need to consult your dentist. But if it is just some extra shine you want to add or if the discoloration is a recent one caused by some foods, you can easily get rid of it by following a few tips at home.

Here are three great tips to help you whiten your teeth without much effort

Baking Soda

This popular kitchen ingredient is probably one of the most used one for teeth whitening. It acts as a mild abrasive, gently scrubbing away the surface stains from your teeth, making them visibly whiter. Baking soda and water can be mixed in equal parts to form a paste, that can be used to brush your teeth. It can also be used with other ingredients like hydrogen peroxide. However, precaution should be exerted while using baking soda, since excessive use can lead to tooth damage.

Baking Soda

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also a great way to whiten up your precious teeth without chemicals. Though it is often used in combination with baking soda, you can just use it to gargle with and limit the use of baking soda. Just before you brush your teeth, gargle with apple cider vinegar and then brush in a gentle, circular manner.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mixture

Coconut Oil

This might seem incredible but yes, coconut oil has been scientifically proved to have some effects on teeth whitening. Though this might not have instant whitening effects, it is a very safe way to maintain oral hygiene and remove stains from your teeth over a longer period of time. Coconut oil has lauric acid, which helps remove stains from teeth, and prevent plaque formation and remove bacteria. You can go for oil pulling before brushing or take a little solidified coconut oil, add a little salt and use this paste to brush your teeth

coconut oil

The above given tips are simple and safe to follow but too much of anything can be harmful!. So do exercise some caution and give these tips a try for a winning smile!