25 Ways To Teach Kids Compassion

How To Teach Kids Compassion

How To Teach Kids Compassion One of the most important investments you can make for your child is learning. Learning does not stop with academics but extends to several dimensions of life. Compassion is one such value that must be instilled in children. Beginning early ensures the attribute gets deep-rooted in them. Learn some simple yet powerful ways to teach your kids compassion.

Tips To Teach Kids Compassion

Be A Role Model

Parents and grown-ups often commit the mistake of teaching kids to do what they want them to learn. Being a role model to them is probably the best way to impart necessary education to them. Be compassionate and your kids will automatically learn from your acts.

Talking Helps

Your little ones are like a sponge; they absorb everything they see and hear much to your surprise. While it is important to educate them on school essentials, keep talking about attributes such as compassion and show examples. When you begin early, these attributes stick on to their personality and develop as they grow.

Illustrate Appropriately

Talking about compassion introduces them to the value. But they may not necessarily understand how it implies in real life. Show live examples and do them yourself to create a positive impression of the value and yourself in them. It could be sponsoring another child or helping the needy or by simply respecting thoughts and expressions of others.

Differentiate Between Good And Bad

Teach them the difference between right and wrong and what is good and bad. Make them understand the outcome of a negative deed through appropriate examples.

Art Of Listening

Listening is a vital virtue that should be nurtured. It is the first step towards being compassionate. Show them how to listen and correct them when they deviate.

Art of Listening

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Create Visual Impression

A picture is often worth more than a thousand words. Write a poem or draw a picture or photograph of an event describing compassion and let them understand the meaning behind the words or image.

Begin At Home

Your home may have different members. Let your child begin the art of being compassionate with his or her family members. This may be helping grandparents or parents or siblings or relatives and friends.

Develop Reading

Choose books or stories that talk about compassion. Gift it to your little ones. This does not just instill the value in them but also helps them develop the habit of reading.

Deal With Anger

Losing temper is very easy. Practice controlling anger especially when kids are around and they will understand to channelize their frustrations positively. Another step towards being compassionate.

Involvement With Family

Ensure family get-togethers on a routine basis. It is important to share joys and sorrows with the entire family and make your child party to it depending upon his or her age.

Joy Of Giving

Many kids find it difficult to share their stuff with others. Show what it means to give or gift. Let them discover the joy of giving by letting them indulge in the act. Beginning early is more beneficial.

Discuss Issues

Show your kids about difficulties faced by people and teach them the reason to feel compassionate towards them.

Volunteer Work

There are several organizations that seek volunteers towards a charity cause. Involve as a family and show your kids that such activities are significant.

Need To Share

Within and outside the family, sharing is an important prerogative. Tutor your kids on reasons and advantages of sharing.

Use Mediums To Teach

If your child is growing out of you as a medium of education; switch to other media that can impart such knowledge effectively. Cartoons, books and music are some examples.

Chart Routine Chores

Draw out a chart of assistance that you and your little ones should be following on a daily basis. What begins as a chore will end up as a habit.

Gift A Pet

Kids adore pets. These little creatures also act as their teachers on the subject of compassion.

Visit Organizations

Take your child to senior homes or orphanages and show them around. They will differentiate on what others are missing out on and be wanting to give them what they miss.

Act During Problems

The need to be compassionate may even start at school. If there is a bully and some kid is at his or her mercy, then teach your child to deal with such problems.

 360 Degree Compassion

Compassion is not just addressed to human beings. Extend the circle to include animals, plants and property.

 Natural Trait

Most kids are born compassionate. It is a virtue most of us bring to this world but distorts as we grow. Nurture it in your kids rather than letting it deteriorate.

Learn To Respect

Teach your child the need to respect other living beings around. Respect towards others and their thoughts and needs is another primary step towards being compassionate.

Develop Healthy Relationships

When there is no hatred, compassion sets in. Create an amiable atmosphere for your kids and make them stay away from bitterness.

Saying Sorry

Educate your kids to say sorry when they have done something wrong. The term and its associated vibes have the power to break hatred and negativity.

Encourage Assistance

Let your kids help people around them even if they are strangers. A helping mind and hand will always be compassionate.

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