20 Foods You Should Eat And Avoid During Thyroid

Foods You Should Eat And Avoid During Thyroid

One of the major organs of human body is the thyroid gland. This gland performs the functions of secretion of hormones essential in regulating metabolism in the body. When these functions fail to get performed in an efficient manner then hypothyroidism is caused.In this condition the gland is unable to produce adequate amount of hormone in the body. In this article we will look at ten foods to eat and avoid during thyroid.

Let us see top ten foods to avoid during thyroid


Increased consumption of caffeine maximises the risk of thyroid by 50%. It is essential to reduce the intake of stimulants such as coffee, tea and other caffeinated foods and drinks which intensifies the symptoms of thyroid.


Whole Milk

According to the recent study it has been observed that intake of whole milk is not considered beneficial for thyroid. In place of whole milk consume skimmed or low fat milk which is far easy and healthy to digest.


White colored Food Products

Avoid white bread, white rice and white flour as it contains lesser amounts of nutrients and difficult to get digested. These foods have high glycemic index that may abnormally increase the hormone and sugar levels in the blood. Instead consume foods with lower glycemic index that maintains the healthy levels of thyroid hormone.

Jasmine Rice


A thyroid person experiences lots of mood swings. Brinjal is a vegetable which imbalances the secretion of thyroid hormones and makes one lethargic and tamasic.

Aubergine Or Brinjals


Now a days you would find variety of food products with added sugars such asfructose, cane sugar, dextrose etc. which only cause drastic increase in blood sugar levels and imbalances the hormone secretion in the blood.

Over-saturated Sugar

Red Meat

Red meat has been known to contain exorbitantly high amounts of cholesterol that deteriorates the functioning of thyroid gland and adversely affects it. It also leads to heart diseases and diabetes.

Red Meat

Avoid Allergic Foods

Thyroid problem can be caused due to Graves’ disease. Grave disease is a kind of autoimmune disease which is triggered by food allergies. So stop consuming those food items which are likely to cause allergy to you.

Avoid Allergic Foods

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Hydrogenated vegetable oil is considered to be a proven source of transfat which can result into sudden increase in the bad cholesterol levels and lead to irregularity in the production of thyroid hormone. Some of the foods which contains transfat are cookies, pie crusts, doughnuts, onion rings etc.

Hydrogenated oils

Dairy Products

In people who are suffering from thyroid, the ability to digest complex milk protein reduces significantly. So they should consume lesser amounts of dairy products.

Dairy Products


Alcohol reduces the energy level and lead to sleep problems. Lack of sleep is one of the symptoms of thyroid. So consumption of alcohol increases the severity of thyroid and makes the condition worse.


Let us see top ten foods to eat during thyroid

Whole Grain

Whole grain gets digested quickly and easily by the body and has nutrients which aids in the proper functioning of thyroid gland. Eat whole wheat grains such as brown rice, barley, popcorn, wheat breads etc.

Whole Grain and Non -Processed Foods

Lean Protein And Fishes

It is advisable to eat more quantities of lean proteins, some of them being salmon, herring, tuna, mackerel, beans etc. which are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids, selenium and antioxidants that helps to restore thyroid to optimum levels.

Fatty Fish


Nuts, hazelnuts,brazil nuts and macadamia nuts are good source of selenium. It can be a perfect snack for evening snack. High selenium content supports in the proper functioning of thyroid gland.

Protein and Nuts

Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine enhances the functional abilities of the thyroid gland. It is therefore essential to consume those food items in your diet which are high in iodine such as seaweeds, iodized salt etc.

Less Salty As Compared To Table Salt


Constipation is one of the common symptoms of thyroid imbalance. Consume foods which have lots of fibre that helps in easing the digestion, bowel movement and get rids of digestive disorders effectively.

High Fibre Foods

Sweet Potatoes

People with thyroid issues experiences weight gain problem. Sweet potato, carrots, tomatoes has low calories and high fibre content which remarkably helps in maintaining adequate body weight.

Sweet Potatoes


Seaweed is known to have significantly high amounts of fibre, vitamins A, B, C, E, and K and calcium which provides necessary nutrition for well-functioning of thyroid gland.



This is an affordable and highly beneficial food which is good source of protein, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, fibre and energy. This makes it useful during thyroid and prevents you from getting drained.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in triglycerides, fatty acids which gets absorbed in the bloodstream and gives a boost of energy. It boosts metabolism and enhances the performance of thyroid gland. It has a healing and soothing impact on the body.

coconut oil


Eggs are an essential food product which balances thyroid hormones in the body. It supplies necessary amounts of thyroid supporting elements like protein, B vitamins and minerals.


Diet plays an important role in strengthening the gland and ensures proper secretion of hormone by this gland. So eat the right kind of food and avoid foods which hamper the performance of gland.