20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Long Pepper

Health Benefits Of Long Pepper

Long pepper also known as Indian long pepper is a flowering vine. The fruit of the The pepper is consumed either in the raw or cooked form, dried or pickled and it is also used in seasonings and spices. It is increasingly being used in the Western dishes due to its myriad health benefits and pungent taste.

Health Benefits of Long Pepper

For Flu or Fever

Long pepper powder (about 10 grams), when taken with one spoon honey relieves fever. Jaggery can be used instead honey. Alternatively, pippali powder (1/8th tsp) can be mixed with one cup of ginger or basil tea.


For Cold, Congestion and Allergies

Mix long pepper powder (1/8th spoon), ¼ tsp of ginger and turmeric 1/4th tsp. Mix in warm water (1/4th cup) and raw honey (1 tsp). Take this mixture when you wake up in the morning and again at 2 pm to 4 pm.


Phlegm And Wet Cough

Horse gram syrup (boil horse gram in water) is combined with long pepper (3 grams) and sugar. This combination is quite effective in treating phlegm and wet cough.

Relieve Colds & Coughs


Long pepper is ideal for new mothers, who are not able to produce sufficient milk for their babies. Powder the root of long pepper plant and mix it with equal amount of black pepper and required amount of milk. Ideally, the ratio should be a spoon each of black pepper and long pepper powder combined with 250 ml of warm milk.



Consuming cumin seeds and long pepper powder with water is an effective treatment for amoebiasis.



Research has proved that piperine, a type of substance found in long pepper has potent anti-depressant properties. It is capable of inhibiting MAO activity. It is quite helpful in treating sleep and stress conditions.



Long pepper serves as a good digestion agent. It relieves problems such as abdominal pain, acidity, flatulence, anorexia and dyspepsia.

improves digestion

For Clear Skin

You can include long pepper in your daily diet to get clear and glowing skin. Combine pippali (1/8th tsp), turmeric (1/4th tsp), aloe vera juice (2 tbsp) and warm water (1/2 cup). Take this liquid three times every day during meals.

Skin Renewal

For Hemorrhoids

Mix long pepper powder (1/4th tsp) and homemade yogurt (1/2 cup). Take this every day after your breakfast and after dinner to get relief from menstrual disorders.


For Low Libido In Women

Mix ½ tsp of Asparagus racemosus, 1/8th tsp of long pepper and 1 tsp clarified butter in warm water (1/4th cup). Take three times every day before your mealtime.

Low Libido In Women

For Low Libido In Men

Mix ½ tsp of Withania somnifera, 1/8th tsp of pippali and clarified butter (1 tsp) in warm water (1/4 cup). Take three times every day before your meals.

For Low Libido In Men

For Menstrual Disorders

Mix pippali powder (1/8 tsp) with aloe vera juice (2 tbsp) and warm water (1/2 cup). Take this mixture three times every day during meals.

For Menstrual Disorders


When long pepper is consumed along with Indian gooseberry, it helps in curing anemia.

anemia patient


When long pepper powder is mixed along with honey and consumed, it controls hiccups.

Cures hiccups


For those suffering from diabetes, it becomes a daily effort to maintain healthy range of blood glucose levels and long pepper has been found to decrease blood sugar levels.


Improves Immunity

People, who have deficiency of Vitamin A, are vulnerable to infections. Long pepper is rich in Vitamin A, which helps in supporting the production of blood cells and this is turn aids in maintaining healthy immune system.

Improved Immune System

Eye Health

Long pepper boosts healthy vision by improving the intake of carotenoids. Zeazanthin and lutein are the two carotenoids, which protects the inner tissues present in the eyes.

Double Vision

Aids In Weight Loss

Millions of people out there wish to lose weight. Long pepper is just magical for them. It discards stubborn fatty toxins and helps in reducing flab.

Weight Loss Can Help Boost Fertility

Keeps Away Liver Ailments

Unhealthy eating pattern and other daily habits can be stressful to our internal organs in our body including liver. Due to its liver-protective functions, long pepper improves liver function and reverses any damage, which might have already occurred.

Not Good For The Liver And Other Hormones