2 Unique Recipes With Raw Mango

Unique Recipes With Raw Mango

Unique Recipes With Raw Mango

In summer raw mangoes are easily available in market and you can buy them in every market. In this article I will share two unique recipes with raw which you can try in your home. The first one is Raw Mango Chutney with raisin.Usually chutney is served at the lunch before the dessert in Bengali cuisine. This is a very simplerecipe and does not take so much of time.

Raw Mango Chutney With Raisin


1kg raw mangoes,1 ½kg sugar,250gm raisins,50gm ginger,10 dry red chilies, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 cup vinegar, Salt to taste.

Raw Mango


De-skin and slice the raw mangoes. Now put the mango slices in salt water for an hour. Then remove and wash the slices. Keep the mangoes on paper napkin thus all water is absorbed by the napkin. Next, coat the mangoes with salt and set aside for a day. On the next day, dust off the excess salt and keep the mangoes in sun for a day.

Slice the Raw Mangoes
Now finely slice the ginger, wash and dry the raisins and set aside. Take a thick bottomed pan. Put the sliced mangoes and sugar in the pan. Heat mango slices with sugar in the pan. Stir frequently. Continue stirring unless it will stick at the bottom of the pan .Wait for the mango-sugar syrup to thicken.

Heat Mango Slices
Now throw in the ginger and de-seeded chilies in to the mango sugar syrup. Bring to a boil and add vinegar. Remove from heat when the chutney thickens sufficiently. Serve when cooled.

The second one is mango pickle in oil. In Bengali cuisine pickle is known as “Aachar”. It is a very popular recipie.

Mango Pickle in Oil(Kucho Aamer Aachar)

Mango Pickle in Oil


500 gm small raw mangoes,50gm ginger, 100gm chickpeas, 2 tea spoon Turmeric powder, 50 gm Chilies, 2 table spoon Mustard powder, 150gm mustard oil, salt to taste.


Peel and slice the raw mangoes. Peel and finely slice the ginger. Wash the chickpeas. Mix the ginger and chickpeas with the raw mango slices in a glass bowl. Also mix salt, turmeric powder, chili powder and mustard powder and put the mangoes out to sun for 4-5 days. When the water released by the mangoes reduces and it gets almost half dried, fill into a glass bottle.

Raw Mango Slices

Now add mustard oil and keep the pickle out in the sun for a few days.

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