2 Unique Dessert Recipes Of India

Unique Dessert Recipes Of India

Sweet dishes of every cuisine are very interesting dish at all. They contain some basic ingredients like sugar, milk, nuts etc. and the seasonal fruits or vegetable. Usually a sweet dish is served at the end of a lunch or dinner. In this article I am sharing 2 most delicious sweet dishes of India that you can try in your home.

Here Are Ingredients And Recipe Of Unique Desserts Of India

Gajar Kheer

The recipe of Gajar Kheer is so simple and the ingredients required for this recipe is easily available in market. You will just love this recipe. It is good for your health too as carrot is a source of beta carotene which is good for your eyes. Milk is also a source of energy and contains vitamin A and D.


Carrot(Gajar) 1 cup grated, Sugar ½ cup, Khoya 2 table spoon, Cashew 25 gms, Raisins 25 gms, Ghee 1 table spoon, Cardamom powder ¼ tea spoon, Milk 1 liter, Saffron a pinch.



First take a pan and pour the milk into it.

Now boil the milk till it reduces half of its quantity i.e. ½ liter.

boil the milk
Fry the grated carrot in ghee for 4-5 minutes.

fry the carrot

Add carrot and khoya to the milk and cook it for fifteen minutes.

Add sugar, cashew, raisin and saffron to this mixture and cook for another 10 minutes.

Remove from flame and sprinkle cardamom powder.

Keep Gajar Kheer in fridge.

Carrot kheer

Serve chilled Gajar Kheer.


Kalakand is made of whole milk and tastes yummy. This sweet is very easy to cook and your family members will just love this recipe. Try this in your home in festive season.


Grated Paneer/Cottage Cheese 1 cup , 2 cups full fat milk, Sugar ½ cup, Ghee 1 tea spoon, Pesta 1 tea spoon chopped, Cardamom powder ¼ tea spoon

ingredients  kalakand


Boil milk in a pan until it reduces to half of its quantity.

boiling the milk
Add cottage cheese, sugar and mix well. Stir the mixture thus it would not stick to the pan.

make a thick paste
Cook till it attains a semi solid consistency.

Add cardamom powder and chopped pistachio.Grease a plate with ghee and spread the mixture.

Cool the mixture. If you want you can keep it into fridge.

Cut into squares and serve.