19 Simple Ways To Improve Fitness

19 Simple Ways To Improve Fitness

19 Simple Ways To Improve Fitness When it comes to health we all whole heartedly welcome some words of wisdom. Here is some must-know advice to stay healthy whatever your age, gender and nationality.

Say No to Pain killers

Don’t pop OTC painkillers recklessly especially for those killer headaches. Most headaches occur due to a missed breakfast, inadequate fluids or stress. Identify the reasons and address them. Pain killers will only make you increasingly dependent on them and give you rebound head aches.

Get Flat Abs

Work those abs off in the gym under the guidance of a trainer and eat tummy- reducing high fiber foods. Stand erect and pull your stomach in.


Keep a check on your alcohol intake just before your periods. It may make you especially moody and irritable. The alcohol may adversely affect your surging hormones.

Extra Calories

Do not graze or snack excessively. We don’t realize the number of excessive calories we consume by just the occasional grazing especially finger foods. Maintain a diary to keep a note of how much you have eaten in a day.

Cut The Risk of Diabetes

Exercising to lose weight can lower your risk of diabetes by 5-20 percent even with a hereditary factor. Diabetes can be debilitating and can shorten your life by at least ten years.

Gastric Upsets

Stay vigilant for irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease and other gastro intestinal disturbances. Take preventive measures for constipation and diarrhea.

Fix Your Feet

Keep your feet clean, moisturized and guard them against corns, calluses and fungal infections.


The heels you wear affect the balls of your feet. Wear heels with insoles or better, replace them with wedges for added comfort. This will also improve your posture.

 Don’t Rest An Injury

A muscle pull unless excruciating, should be given exercise. Some relaxed exercise will promote faster healing.

Work Those Joints

Arthritis is more common in inactive people so get some exercise and move those joints. It will keep your joints strong and supple.

Cool The Sprains

Sprains are best treated with cool compresses and cold water which drastically reduces the swelling. So drown the sprain with an ice pack. If the pain is excruciating, go see a doctor to rule out osteoporosis or arthritis.

Work Those Kegels

For the incontinent people, working those kegels is the best way to prevent a leak. Kegels are a group of pelvic muscles which help controlling urine and are also at play during child birth.

Breasts Pain

If your breasts hurt, ascertain the reasons. Is it your bra or just lack of exercise or something else. Do not ignore the pain. Go see a doctor immediately.

Protect Your Heart

This is true for menopausal women. The risk for a heart attack increases in them by 4 times. So for all the plus forty women – exercise and eat healthy.

Symptom Persistent Symptoms

No matter what they are, headaches, bloating, constipation, pain, get them evaluated. They may have a serious underlying medical condition.

Chew Gum

Keep a dry mouth at bay by chewing on gum especially after menopause.

Weight Training

Weight train those muscles especially after 40 when you lose maximum muscle mass and add on bulk. Weight training will also strengthen the joints.

Sleep problems

Treat snoring and insomnia. Lack of sleep can put you at risk for a host of other diseases.

Gyno Check Up

Get an annual pap smear done to rule out cervical cancer. Also get treated for fibroids if any.

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