18 Benefits Of Water Chestnut For Skin Hair And Health

Benefits Of Water Chestnut For Skin Hair And Health

Water chestnut is a vegetable that originated in China but is now available all around the world. This is not related to chestnut, but may be got its name due to its shape. It is a seasonal vegetable that grows in ponds and marshy land, but is available all year round mostly packed. Seed is the edible portion of this vegetable. It can be eaten raw or crunchy and is very delicious as well. Water chestnut are free of fats and very nutritious. It is a great source of zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B and potassium. It has many nutritional and medicinal benefits for hair, skin and health.

These Are Benefits Of Water Chestnut For Skin Hair And Health

Benefits For Health

Cure Gastrointestinal Problems

Water chestnut helps to boost digestion and strengthens stomach due to presence of anti oxidants. It also regularize bowel movements, controls loose motions and even cures problems like nausea. It maintains intestinal health and also cools the body.

Prevent Gastrointestinal Diseases

Treats Cough

Water chestnut is used to treat cough as well. It can provide instant relief from cough if its powder is taken with water or juice twice a day.

Cold And Cough
Helpful In Urinary Tract Infection

The compounds present in water chestnut help to keep urinary infections at bay and also treats any such infections in the urinary tract in the future.

Prevent And Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Coolant For The Body

It is evident from the name that water chestnut is abundant in its water content. Regular consumption keeps your body cool in the summer. It also promotes production of saliva and keeps your body hydrated.

Coolant For The Body

Anti Cancer

Water chestnuts are supposed to reduce chances of cancer as it is rich in anti oxidants like polyphenols and flavinoids. Water chestnut contains zinc whose deficiency promotes development of various types of cancers like prostate, breast, colon, ovaries, etc.

Defeats Cancer

Gets Rid Of Toxins

Consumption of water chestnut helps to get rid of toxins present in the body. Its detoxifying properties can help to treat diseases like jaundice and infections. Water chestnut also helps to dissolve kidney and gall bladder stones.


Instant Energy

If you want instant energy, water chestnut helps to get rid of tiredness and make you feel energetic. It purifies blood, maintain blood pressure and retains water content. It has body fluids that maintains total body fluids of the body. It keeps electrolytes in balance and makes sure cells function normally. It also helps in hormone production thereby giving you athletic strength.

Full of Energy

Weight Loss

Water chestnut is good if you want to loose weight, as this vegetable is fat free and has very few calories. So this will be very helpful to fill your hungry stomach without any extract calories or fats.

Weight Loss Can Help Boost Fertility

Recommended During Pregnancy

It is used to prevent and reduce the chances of miscarriage during pregnancy. It cures hypertension that may occur during pregnancy and also aids to improve fetal growth. It also improves the quality of mother’s milk. It is also recommended to promote proper reproductive health in women and men by maintaining appropriate hormone levels as disproportionate levels of hormones cause problems in reproduction.

Pregnancy is Not An Excuse to Eat for Two

Heart Health

Presence of potassium reduces chances of stroke, maintains blood pressure. It also controls the electrical activity of the heart and keeps cholesterol under check. Cholesterol and inflammation increases the risk of heart problems.

Heart Disease

Strong Bones

It preserves proper bone density and therefore keeps bones stronger, keeping bone problems at bay. Bone diseases are getting common now days especially in women. Should be consumed by people suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis.

bone loss

Benefits For Skin

Cures Measles

Water chestnut cures skin diseases like measles. Boil water with chestnut in it, drain out the water and then use this water to bathe and wash your body in case you are suffering from measles.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine (mmr)

Treats Eczema

For treating severe skin problem like eczema. All you have to do is make powder of water chestnut and then regularly apply this powder on the affected skin.


Glowing Skin

Detoxifying properties of water chestnut are responsible for keeping the skin purified internally. Skin clear from inside glows from outside.

skin smooth, soft and glowing

Reduces Swelling

Water chestnut helps to reduce swelling and inflammation on the skin. Apply the paste of powdered skin of water chestnut on the skin for instant and effective relief from swelling and related pains.

Relieves Swelling

Benefits For Hair

Lustrous And Thick Hair

Water chestnut is a good source of vitamin E, which helps to make your hair shine with natural lustre and makes it healthy and thicker.

Rounded Fringe hairstyles

Healthy Scalp

Water chestnut promotes a healthy scalp as it gets rid of toxins and purifies the scalp and also keeps the scalp away from diseases like psoriasis.

Scalp Oil Massage

Hair Growth

Regular consumption of water chestnut will also promote hair growth as it stimulates hair follicles and aids hair growth.

Protein Treatment for Hair Growth