17 Things You Did Not Know About Castor Oil

Things You Did Not Know About Castor Oil

Castor oil is derived from the castor plant which is botanically known as Ricinus communis. It is a green, leafy, herbaceous plant with seeds which are named as castor beans though in no way do they look like any other beans. Castor beans are the main source of castor oil a popular herbal product which can be used for multiple purposes in our day to day life. Castor oil is present in the concentration of 60 – 40 % in castor beans. We all are very familiar with the fact that castor oil is used for various purposes in our household. It is a great herbal remedy and has, many health and beauty benefits to its credit.

Let us here discuss about the many benefits of castor oil that we didn’t know exist

Rich In Vitamin E

Castor oil is very rejuvenating as it has a high concentration of vitamin E besides other micro nutrients. It can be easily incorporated in many a ways as a part of our daily life to prevent and delay signs of aging.

Delays Aging

Relieves Tired Eyes

Castor oil has very soothing properties because of which it can be applied around the eye area and on the eyelashes as well (carefully). A thin layer applied this way can be left overnight to give a refreshing look the next morning.

Cold Compress For Your Eyes

Ultimate Remedy For Dry Scalp

Local application of castor oil over the scalp is great for preventing dandruff and dryness of the scalp area. Massage the scalp gently and wash after an hour. It works as a great conditioner leaving the hair smooth and shiny after wash.

helps dry scalp

Induces Labor Pains

Castor oil is given to expecting women at the time of labor to induce labor pains and allow for a swift and comfortable delivery. It is very commonly used for this purpose in various hospitals worldwide.

Reduced Labor Pain

Strengthens Immunity

Followers of naturopathy ardently believe that regular consumption of castor oil helps in improving immunity. It helps by enhancing the production of the T – cells which are responsible for a healthy immune response.

Improved Immune System

Regularizes Bowel Movement

Castor oil helps to relieve constipation and regularize bowel movement. When consumed orally in appropriate dosage castor oil stimulates the small intestines by releasing ricinoleic acid which functions as a strong laxative. The results are evident within minutes.

Prevents Bowel Problems

Relieves Aching Joints

Patients of arthritis can apply castor oil on a daily basis to get relief from the swelling as well as the inflammation at the site of the inflamed joint. This way it helps improve the joint mobility by acting as a good lubricant also.

Joint Pain

For Glowing Skin

Castor oil can be used for application over the facial skin and the whole body as well, to smooth-en the skin and make it more glowing and radiant.

skin smooth, soft and glowing

Can Dissolve Moles And Corns

Castor oil helps retract skin over growths like moles, corns and calluses. When applied locally on these outgrowths on a daily basis, it can serve as an absolute herbal remedy for these problems.

Can Dissolve Moles And Corns

For Thicker Hair

Castor oil can be applied over the area where the hair are particularly thin, over the scalp or on the eyebrows. Daily, leave the oil on for 6 minutes on the region, you will see remarkable changes within a few months.

Healthy Hair

Smooths Out Split Ends

Broken, thin and dry hair which tend to split can be effectively smoothen out with the use of castor oil. Apply it over the broken hair regularly for best results.

treat split ends

Heals Chapped Lips

Owing to its great moisturising properties, castor oil can be used as a great lip healer, especially for people with naturally dry lips or for the general population at the time of winter.

Do Not Lick Chapped Lips

Relieves Sore Muscles

A good massage with castor oil can give a tremendous relief to the major body muscles. It also helps strengthen them and improve the skin texture of the body as a whole.

Muscles strength

For Skin Rashes

People who are very prone to skin rashes and an itchy skin should keep a bottle of castor oil in handy, all the time. It is the best herbal solution for these problems.

Rashes Caused By Shaving


People with Acne should use castor oil to reduce inflammation and pain. Given the rejuvenating properties of castor oil, it will also help hasten acne healing.


For A Sound Sleep

Use castor oil to induce a natural and sound sleep at night. People having trouble putting themselves to sleep can greatly benefit from this trick. Apply a few drops of castor oil on the area around the eyes just touching the eyelids, before bed time.

Get Ample Sleep

Shrink Those Warts

Warts and skin tags can be shrunken off by applying castor oil to these outgrowths on a regular basis, two or three times per day. The tags and warts will fall off by themselves without leaving any scar marks.

Shrink Those Warts