16 Health Benefits Of Juniper Berries

Health Benefits Of Juniper Berries

Not many people know the benefits of juniper berries. Juniper berries are not actually berries but are female seed cones which are unusually fleshy and have merged scales that make them look like berries. These are extensively used as spices in European cuisines and have many health benefits that most people are unaware of. Juniper berries are also available as oil for numerous medicinal use. Juniper berries are a great home remedy for digestive problems like stomach ache, heart burn and many gastrointestinal problems. It is also beneficial in diseases relating to kidneys, bladder stones, nervous system and skin health. There are some side effects related to juniper berries as well and do consult your doctor if you are on any sort of medication.

Given below are 16 health benefits of juniper berries

Better Digestive System

Juniper berries help to improve the digestive functioning. They ensure proper flow of juices, acids and biles in the stomach. Ulcers in the stomach damage the inner lining due to excess acidty, since juniper berries stimulate bile production that it is basic in nature, it helps neutrlise the acidity and repair inner lining.They are very beneficial in treating stomach problems like bloating, gas, acidity, constipation and may also get rid of worms in intestines.

Digestive Tract Problems

Relieve From Pain

These berries help to reduce pain in joints and bones. it relieves muscular pains as well and also aids in curing arthritis and other diseases relating to bones, joints and muscles. It cures tooth aches and makes them stronger.

Chronic Pain

Prevents Cancer

These berries are very effective in preventing some types of cancer due to its anti carcinogenic properties. It produces anti oxidants that fight cancer causing agents.

Cancer Sores

Rich In Antioxidants

Juniper berries produce anti oxidants that prevent damage to the body due to harmful free radicals. It also enhances immunity and protects the body from cancer and various other diseases.

Improves Immune Response

Anti Bacterial

They have anti bacterial propertits that protect the body from infections and dieseases. They stop the bacteria that cause food poisoning as well.

Influenza Infection

Anti Inflammatory

They treat inflammatory problems like arthritis,gout, bronchitis, cystitis due to its anti inflammatory traits. This also helps to relieve swelling in the body.

Reduce inflammation

Natural Diuretic

Juniper berries act as a natural diuretic as they aid the proper functioning of kidneys and help to get rid of harmful toxins from the body. This also maintains blood pressure as it removes extra salt and uric acid from the body that are harmful.

Kidney Functions

Healthy Urinary Tract

They have anti inflammatory properties that help in keeping away urinary tract infections. Another property responsible for this is its diuretic property.

Prevent And Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Cure Snakebites

They have been used in the past for treating snake bites and are still helpful to relieve the body and slow the spread of poison in the body.

Cure Snakebites

Treats Brain Diseases

Juniper berries are rich in anti oxidants that help to treat brain diseases and reduces the likeliness of occurrence if trauma, seizures an tumors.

Sugar Weakens Your Brain

Skin Health

Juniper berries are used for healthy skin. It is crushed and applied to the skin. It can also be found in many cosmetic products availbale in the market like lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. It even treats skin diseases like eczema. It is also sudorific, that it causes bodo to sweat, which as a result gets rid of toxins, excess salt. This cleans the pores and sebum glands which prevents skin diseases like acne, blackheads and pimples. Its rebefacient, that is , it makes the skin look more red as it increases the blood circulation.

Healthy Glowing Skin Naturally

In Case Of Loss Of Appetite

These berries should be consumed in case you have a loss of appetite. They help to boost your appetite.

Weight Loss And Increased Appetite

Dissolve Stones

Its diuretic properties help to dissolve stones in the kidney as well as bladder stones.

Kidney Stones

Improves Mental Health

Its timulant properties help to keep mental health in check by overcoming fatigue, dizziness and even depression. It aids neuron and brain activities.

Mental Health


Juniper berries have been used as as an antiseptic to heal wounds faster and protects them from getting It is also helpful in healing internal wounds and ulcers.

Healing Of Wounds

Anti Aging

Juniper berries can not only help you look younger but also stay younger and retains your youth as it is a tonic for healthy respiratory system, digestive system,circulatory. nervous and excretory system. a healthy mind and body will keep you younger for longer. Along with these benefits, juniper berries might also have some side effects. So be careful before consumption. It may cause allergies, itching, swelling, skin irritation and difficulty in breathing. If you are on lithium medication do not eat these berries as they react negatively with lithium. Do consult your doctor if necessary. Too much consumption of juniper berries can also cause diarrhoea, convulsions or dna damage.