16 Amazing Uses And Health Benefits Cinnamon Bark Oil

16 Amazing Uses And Health Benefits Cinnamon Bark Oil

As the name suggests, cinnamon bark oil is taken from the bark of the cinnamon tree.  It has a lot of medicinal values along with being used in home remedies too. The oil has been known to provide other uses too. One can stock this oil in their medicinal cupboard or even the kitchen to get some serious health benefits.

Here Are The 15 Cinnamon Bark Oil Uses And Benefits:

Treats Gas

One of the most important benefits of the cinnamon bark oil is that it helps in treating gas along with problems of acid reflux and bloating. Simply add a couple of drops in water and drink up or you can also massage the stomach using the oil. It is also used for curing gastrointestinal (GI) upset.

Turmeric For Gas And Bloated Sensation

Cures Diarrhea

If you are suffering from a stomach upset or diarrhea then have some cinnamon bark oil tea. Simply add a few drops to a cup of a hot water and drink up twice a day. It will cure diarrhea issues.

Diarrhea And Other Issues

Improves Appetite

If your kids or you are suffering from lack of appetite, then the cinnamon bark oil works as a great option. You can add it to your tea or even just have a few drops mixed with water to improve appetite.

Cinnamon Oil

Kills Bacteria And Parasitic Worms

Stomach worms related to bacterial or even parasitic worms are known for causing acute problems in the stomach. Have a few drops of the cinnamon bark oil in water on an empty stomach to kill these.

Upset Stomach

Treats Menstrual Cramps

Are you suffering from acute menstrual cramps or pain. Then massage the abdomen with the cinnamon bark oil or you can also have it mixed with some hot water and honey to provide respite.

Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Heals Flu And Cold

Suffering from flu or under the weather because of an acute cold. Then drink up more of cinnamon bark oil tea to provide respite. You can also inhale the steam using this oil to help unclog a blocked nost.


 Helps Aid Sexual Performance

The cinnamon bark oil has been suggested for external application to improve sexual performance and enhance sexual pleasure. It works as a great applicant.


Improves Taste Buds

You can use the cinnamon bark oil to get back your taste buds after an overdose of medicines. You can mix it with spices or beverages to improve taste.

Cinnamon Oil

Gets Rid of Bad Breath

Create your own homemade mouthwash to get rid of bad breath. Simply mix up the cinnamon bark oil with some water and gargle to get rid of bad breath.

bad breath

Dental Hygiene

Add a drop of your cinnamon bark oil to toothpaste for improving dental hygiene. You can also take the oil directly in your hands and then massage your teeth and gums with the same.

Too Much Dental Cleaning

Reduces Acne

You can apply the cinnamon bark oil mixed with either olive or coconut oil on the face to get rid of acne. It can also be applied directly on the acne or pimples.


For Improving Personal Hygiene

You can add a few drops of cinnamon bark oil to your regular bath water to get rid of body odor and improve personal hygiene. It gets rid of under arm smell and kills bacteria that causes smelly feet or body odor.

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Lowers Blood Sugar

The cinnamon bark oil also helps to reduce blood sugar. It contains an insulin-like chemical that works to reduce sugar levels in the body when taken on a regular basis. However, you should have the same at least 2-3 times a day for results.


Tones Skin

You can use the cinnamon bark oil to tone up your skin because it contains astringent like properties. Mix the oil with some water and then wipe your face using the same. You can also add this oil to some beeswax and then apply on the face for toning the skin and closing the pores.

Fair Skin

 Reduces Anxiety Levels

Having cinnamon bark oil tea on a daily basis helps in reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Ideally you should have 2 cups a day for this. It contains chemicals that not only calm down the nerves and soothe the body, but also helps you relax and rejuvenate from within.


Gets Rid Of Skin Allergies

The cinnamon bark oil contains special ingredients and chemicals that helps you get rid of different kinds of skin allergies. You can add a few drops of this oil to your bath water or even use a cotton cloth or ball to apply the oil over the areas that itch. It soothes the skin and provides immediate respite from itchiness, redness and inflammation of the skin too.

skin allergies